X4 Adds Online Backup to Diverse Master Agency Portfolio

Story by Cliff Boodoosingh on April 16, 2011
What is a Master Agent anyway?

X4 Solutions (www.x4communications.com) counts itself in this group because it provides the most complete services and unparalleled support available.

The telecommunications and energy services provider obviously needed to add Web hosting, network management and security, online data backup and information continuity as well as email hosting and messaging, among other solutions to keep that title relevant in today's market.

A partnership with technology service provider Single Path (www.singlepath.com)  made that possible, said X4's President Curt Allen: "Agents who want to offer the most leading edge solutions to their clients will find X4's managed services through Single Path to be highly effective resources. With the breadth of these services, we are truly a single-source for total technology solutions... and that's empowering to our agents and their clients."

Allen added that X4's diverse portfolio is made possible with Single Path's strong capabilities in cloud computing meaning companies can now turn to managed services to handle day-to-day network operations, alleviating capital expenditures and allowing IT staff to focus on strategic issues versus daily systems maintenance.

Source: TopHosts.com Web Hosting Blog (www.tophosts.com/blog)


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