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Well-Known Law Firm Adds Backup My Info! Off-Site Backup Service

Cliff Boodoosingh on August 03, 2010
New York, NY (PRWEB) August 3, 2010- Backup My Info! (BUMI) (, the premier provider of online backup for small to mid-sized businesses, today announced that the law firm of Abbey Spanier Rodd & Abrams ( continues to utilize BUMI for its off-site backup and disaster recovery initiatives. Abbey Spanier is a nationally recognized law firm specializing in large, complex litigation. After the events of September 11, 2001, the New York City-based firm decided that it needed a comprehensive disaster recovery plan that would leverage an online backup solution to replace its legacy on-site tape-based method. One of the first BUMI customers, Abbey Spanier has since expanded its use of the backup service to include 15 servers.

The company searched for a provider that offered remote data backup, a product that was both safe and secure, and one that could be implemented quickly. According to executives at Abbey Spanier, BUMI had several layers of security built into their online backup service, encrypting the data from the time it left the law firm's computers and leaving it encrypted until the data was safely back on users' machines.

"Early on, several senior executives within the firm were hesitant to move data off-site, especially with business-critical and confidential files," explained John Vigliarolo, Director of IT at Abbey Spanier. "This is why it was imperative that we found a solution that would assure the partners that our data is secure throughout the end-to-end backup process. Once BUMI explained the extensive encryption capabilities built-in to the system, our partners trusted that their data would be safe and secure."

In addition to protecting its client data, the move to BUMI has saved the firm's staff valuable time. "The hassle of tape backup management was incredibly tedious and time consuming," explained Vigliarolo. "Once we implemented Backup My Info!, our IT department was able to focus on other areas of the business."

BUMI provides additional features that are important for users at the law firm. The solution has the ability to backup multiple revisions of a given file, allowing attorneys to simply restore a specific version of a document from a specific date. This feature can also be customized and lends credence to the fact that, with BUMI, it is just as easy to restore one file as it is the entire system.

"At BUMI, our number one priority is to provide our clients with peace of mind," said Jennifer Walzer, CEO at Backup My Info!, Inc. "Tape backups, such as the one that Abbey Spanier previously had in place, provide a false sense of security - there is just too much that can go wrong. With our solution, we provide a proactive approach to protecting your data, so that in the event you need to conduct a restore, you can do so with confidence."

Some of the information that is backed up on the BUMI system includes litigation support databases, case files, emails and Microsoft Office (Word, Excel and PowerPoint) files. In addition, the firm has utilized BUMI to back up billing on individual PCs in the accounting department.

"The bottom line is that we have a sense of security with the BUMI product," said Vigliarolo. "I know that if a disaster did occur, we would be back up-and-running in no time. There really is no greater peace of mind than that."

About Backup My Info
Founded in 2002, Backup My Info! (BUMI) specializes in delivering online backup solutions for small to mid-sized businesses. Based in New York City, BUMI provides an off-site data protection solution that addresses critical issues such as rapid growth of data, business continuity, and regulatory compliance. Every BUMI client is cared for by a team of senior-level engineers dedicated to providing proactive and personalized support. Clients include professional service organizations such as banking, financial, insurance, accounting, hedge funds and law firms. For more information, visit (, call (866) 444-BUMI (2864), or follow on Twitter at (

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