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WarLock DR+ Cloud Computing Solution Proves Ideal For Online Backup

Cliff Boodoosingh on September 02, 2008

September 1, 2008 - WarLock Software Corporation, an emerging leader in automated disk to disk replication of physical systems, virtual machines, and cloud computers for continuity of operations, recently announced support for Amazon's Elastic Block Storage (EBS) in the WarLock DR+ platform. This platform has been running flawlessly for the past year under the Amazon Elastic Computing Cloud (EC2) and with the announcement of EBS persistent volumes is now made generally available.

"The key to manipulating a large number of online data files and virtual machine images across the Internet for continuity of operations is an automated replication cycle for delta changes," said JD Wilson, CEO and founder of WarLock Software. "With WarLock DR+ it is easy to set up a recurring chain of replication events starting with near Continuous Data Protection (CDP) to capture delta changes locally on the LAN followed by transmission of the business day's latest version into the cloud during off-peak hours. From the cloud, WarLock DR+ will automatically disperse the latest changes to other cloud computers or to the terrestrial physical systems and virtual machines responsible for failover."

Wilson continued, "The WarLock DR+ cloud computing solution is ideal for Small & Medium Businesses (SMBs) because the ongoing monthly cost for 1 terabyte starts around $200, irrespective of the number of sites and systems supported. This ensures an excellent Return on Investment (ROI), especially when combined with free VMWare Server or Microsoft Hyper-V virtual machines running key applications.

WarLock DR+ works well with virtual machines because it is agentless and uses "Direct Replication" to read files into a secure Vault and "Direct Restore" to write them out; always maintaining the original directory structure and native file format. There are no licensing issues or clients to install, just point and shoot. DR+ use strong key authentication and SSL encryption for data in flight and has been selected by legal and pharmaceutical firms requiring exceptional security.

"Best of all, this combination of EC2, EBS, and WarLock DR+ means that end users are no longer obligated to sign long term contracts, and value added Managed Service Providers (MSPs) are not confined to reselling the big guys (potential competitors) services at reduced margins just to get data offsite and online," said Wilson.

Wilson concluded, "Instead, we set them up with their own private Amazon account, configure the dedicated virtual server and data storage, and remotely install WarLock DR+ at each node in their network. This turn-key installation is always included in the purchase price of WarLock DR+ and we offer several on-going support levels, but - and this is critical - the customer or MSP pays Amazon directly for compute and storage, which eliminates the middleman and gives them COMPLETE control over their data.

About WarLock Software
WarLock Software provides an integrated security and data protection platform with a unique delivery method that instantly connects customers back to their WarLock Software provider. Packages in the WarLock Software suite include perimeter security, SSL and IP-SEC VPNs, Email gateways, and Data Replication Plus (DR+). For more information about WarLock DR+, visit .

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