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Venyu Bolsters Online Backup & Recovery Services

Cliff Boodoosingh on December 02, 2010
Customizable data recovery solutions enable seamless business continuity for SMB and SME environments.

02-12-10--Venyu, a leader in commercial-grade, customizable solutions for data protection, availability and recovery, has bolstered its service offering with the addition of the RestartIT data recovery platform. This announcement marks the introduction of a revamped series of off-site protection platforms that cater to companies requiring a seamless and timely recovery during episodes of data loss, outages, or disasters.

With the RestartIT platform, Venyu is the only data-recovery company to document the entire recovery and implementation process with a verified recovery time objective (RTO), which includes a corresponding action plan and time analysis. This provides IT professionals and business owners with peace-of-mind that their data is quickly available should a disaster strike and recovery be initiated.

With this new offering, Venyu is providing three customizable platforms:

    * RestartIT PLUS enhances the security of traditional backup services with the added benefit of access to Venyu's VDR platform. This level is best for companies that can operate for 24-48 hours without system access.
    * RestartIT PLUS BMR is a more robust solution that provides IT environments with backup and BMR (Bare Metal Restore) coupled with access to the Venyu platform. This provides any company with the ability to easily restore and recover a failed server - physical or virtual - to Venyu's VDR platform or to its own standby hardware.
    * RestartIT-DR provides traditional VDR services augmented by a verified RTO to companies that require the fastest and most seamless solution for multiple server recovery after an event or disaster. This end-to-end DR solution provides complete IT disaster recovery in one solution.

"The level of detail that we are offering with RestartIT simply is not seen in the industry - and the documentation is invaluable to business leaders and IT professionals," said Scott Thompson, Venyu CEO. "By offering a turn-key solution, Venyu enables the next step in data recovery by empowering leadership teams to strongly consider a recovery plan and have the processes in place to continue day-to-day operations in the event of a disaster."

"Customers looking for an online backup solution should choose a provider who understands how to create a customized data protection plan to meet their specific business needs, keeping in mind recovery and recovery time objective is an imperative," said David A. Chapa, Sr. Analyst with Enterprise Strategy Group. "Choose a consultative provider who has a time tested solution focused on recovery. Nothing is more important than knowing your data and your business is protected and can be recovered when you need it."

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About Venyu
Venyu is a premier provider of data protection, recovery, and availability solutions that make business continuity possible. Venyu's progressive portfolio includes online data backup, physical and virtualized recovery solutions, managed hosting, SaaS, and co-location services. Venyu, headquartered in Baton Rouge, LA, with offices in Waltham, MA, is backed by geographically-diverse, commercial datacenters, highly-qualified technicians, and iron-clad security controls. For more information, visit

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