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VaultLogix Publishes Whitepaper on Online Backup Pricing Models

Cliff Boodoosingh on September 30, 2009
Sept. 29, 2009 - Danvers, Mass. (Vocus) — VaultLogix, a leader in providing secure, reliable, online backup ( and recovery capabilities for business data at a cost-effective price point, today announced the publication of a new whitepaper that details the various pricing models used by remote backup ( service providers. In the report titled “The True Cost of Online Backup,” VaultLogix explains:

•    The different pricing models available for online backup service

•    The potential impact each model will have on your ultimate monthly cost

•    The numerous ways that a service provider can impact your total bill

As competition has increased, pricing for online backup services has declined dramatically over the past year. Many providers have resorted to complex, intricate pricing models to obfuscate the ultimate cost to the purchaser. In particular, many providers promote very low cost per gigabyte (GB) prices that potential customers use as a price comparison mechanism.

“The online backup marketplace is filled with confusing and often contradictory pricing models,” said Adam Couture, principal analyst at Gartner. “Companies that don’t understand the differences in these models may think they are getting a bargain while they are actually paying far more than necessary.”

“We continue to talk to potential customers who focus solely on the ‘price per GB’ of each provider as the key cost comparison,” said Shane Arnold, VP of Marketing and Product Management at VaultLogix. “However, that number is really irrelevant – what matters to the business buyer is ultimately how much they will pay each month for the online backup service. This whitepaper gives decision makers the information necessary to make an educated selection from the different pricing models they will see when evaluating online backup service providers.”

For more details, please download the report from the VaultLogix website - The True Cost of Online Backup (

About VaultLogix

VaultLogix assists businesses in securing their most critical corporate assets – their data. VaultLogix’s unique online backup ( service safeguards important information through an agentless and automated process that sends data securely to multiple locations. In addition to providing the features which businesses require, VaultLogix also delivers industry-leading solutions for support, billing, marketing and integration for VAR’s, MSP’s and IT Consultants.

For more information, visit or call 1-877-VAULTLOGIX (877-828-5856).

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