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Timeline Cloud Offers Quality Business-Level Online Backup

Cliff BOODOOSINGH on July 06, 2011
(2011-07-06) - Boston-based backup specialist Genie9 is proud to announce the immediate availability of Timeline Cloud Business Edition. Timeline Cloud Business Edition is quality backup for businesses of all sizes, from SMBs to Fortune 500 companies. It#s a powerful, elegant, simple yet affordable solution to protect and backup your company#s precious data in a secure, safe and reliable medium. Timeline Cloud takes full advantage of the benefits of cloud-based technology to deliver the world#s first complete cloud disaster recovery backup solution.

Set up and deploy in minutes
Timeline Cloud requires little or no expertise to set up # there#s no management software to install thanks to its cloud-based management console, which is accessible from any internet-connected computer with a web browser.

The console is feature-rich, powerful yet simple and intuitive to use. It#s designed for anyone to use, not just IT administrators, and is designed to allow businesses to set up, configure and deploy a backup plan to the entire company whether containing one or 1,000 employees within minutes.

Timeline Cloud also offers Disaster Recovery features, backing up entire computers to make it possible to restore them remotely in the event of disaster, theft or data loss.

Safe and secure storage
Timeline Cloud doesn't utilize its own proprietary backup servers; instead it takes full advantage of the world-class facilities offered by the likes of Amazon (S3), Google (Google Storage) and Microsoft (Microsoft Azure), ensuring your backups are stored in multiple locations and giving you the security of 99.999% uptime and reliability.

Your data is kept safe and secure at all times by being encrypted using military grade, AES 256-bit encryption before it#s uploaded to the cloud, ensuring all data transfers are secure and protected from theft, unauthorized access or cyber attack. Timeline Cloud is also compatible with Business Encrypted Drives using TrueCrypt or BitLocker for even greater data security.

An efficient, fast backup solution
Timeline Cloud offers three levels of deployment: automatic (via Active Directory), email and manually via a download link. The client software is simple to install and requires no configuration before it will start backing up silently and with zero impact on system resources.
Uploading files to any online backup provider can take some time, particularly during the initial backup phase. Timeline Cloud utilises a number of advanced technologies to streamline and speed up the process, making it at least four times faster than other leading online backup programs.

These technologies include remote block-level backup, which divides large files into smaller chunks. When changes are made to the file, only those chunks containing the changes are uploaded, ensuring a smaller, faster upload process. Timeline Cloud also utilises three levels of deduplication to ensure duplicate files aren#t backed up more than once.

Restoring and accessing files
Timeline Cloud provides great flexibility when it comes to accessing backups. Individual users can restore lost files or revert to an earlier version of a file using the client#s Timeline Explorer view, while files can also be accessed via smartphone using a range of free apps for iPhone/iPad, Android and Windows that allow users to both view files and monitor the status of their current backup.
Data can also be viewed and restored via the cloud-based management console, which is even capable of restoring a corrupt computer to a fully working state remotely if disaster strikes.

Affordable, catch-free backup
Timeline Cloud is designed to back up PCs running Windows: Windows Server, XP, Vista, 7 and SBS are all supported. The system is fully scalable, with a range of plans to suit all business sizes and needs # see for details. Professional and Enterprise Plans come with unlimited storage, meaning there are no surprise monthly surcharges.
Timeline Cloud Business Edition is quality backup, and is the only backup and recovery product your business will ever need. For more information about Timeline Cloud, please visit

About Us: Genie9, formerly Genie-soft, is based in Boston, MA, has more than 12 years of experience in the backup and disaster recovery industry. It#s focussed on creating backup solutions that appeal to all kinds of users from enterprises to SMBs and personal consumers. Genie9 is dedicated to innovating efficient, effective tools that are straightforward to use, automating and simplifying the backup and recovery process. For more information, visit

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