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Tilana Launches New Unlimited Backup

Cliff Boodoosingh on August 07, 2008
Tilana Reserve now available with paid annual account including unlimited backup plus archive for an unlimited number of computers - free account includes more online storage space.

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) August 7, 2008 -- Tilana Systems Corporation announced new lower pricing today for Tilana Reserve, its flagship online sync, backup, and archive SaaS. A single $49.95 per year account now includes unlimited backup and sync for unlimited computers, plus 60 days of archive storage for file version histories and deleted files. The recently introduced free account now includes 2GB of storage with the same features as the paid account, and with an open-ended contract.

"We're committed to making online storage as accessible as it can be," said Derek Finley, Tilana Marketing VP. "Now everyone who needs backup can get it, along with full featured multi-computer file and folder sync, versioning, and secure online archive."

Tilana Reserve goes beyond the leading simple backup offerings like Mozy and Carbonite, to offer multi-computer sync and backup, along with user managed archive enabling customers to remove content that's no longer needed on their computers, but that still needs to be saved and accessed in secure, dependable storage.

Neither Mozy nor Carbonite allow files to remain in their data centers for more than 30 days after they've been deleted from protected computers that use their backup services. If a file is accidentally deleted from the protected computer the customer only has a month to notice that it's gone in order to retrieve the file before it is permanently deleted.

Much more than online backup alone, online storage with Tilana Reserve automatically includes 60 days of free archive storage in the data center, with extended archive service for files and version history at $0.50/GB/mo beyond the standard 60 days included in the flat annual account pricing, all in the 100% user managed secure and web accessible Personal Digital Archive.

The new $49.95/yr unlimited backup and sync plus archive account is immediately available at the Tilana Reserve web site (

Tilana Reserve provides everything that simple backup leaves out, plus the best possible backup thrown in.

Tilana Reserve goes beyond the basic online backup-archive-retrieval model, first by providing the best implementation of each component, and also including an innovative combination of features, functionality, and pricing.

    Automatic server based sync for folders and files, across multiple computers and operating systems (currently shipping for Windows 2000, XP, and Vista - Mac OS X version in testing)

    Selective or inclusive protection and sync for an unlimited number of computers on the same account

    True Real-Time CDP (instant backups) with perpetual archive, far beyond old-fashioned scheduled backup

    Offline data change caching protects files with CDP even when no Internet connection is available

    Secure exclusive data center access through any web browser

    Secure direct access to data center via Windows Mobile 5 & 6

The Tilana Reserve desktop software is a free download, installs in about a minute and requires little if any configuration.

About Tilana Systems Corporation:

San Diego based Tilana Systems Corporation brings true value to cloud storage, by providing continuous data protection, permanent archival, web & mobile access, version history, and multi-computer synchronization on one balanced, quickly deployed, versatile, and extensible online CDP data protection and storage based synchronization platform.

Storage systems built on the Tilana Cloud platform provide end users the best kind of data protection, with encrypted true real time CDP ("Continuous Data Protection" from automated schedule-free immediate backup transfers), automated multi-computer content synchronization, and secure remote archive, with unlimited version history that enables instant any-point-in-time content recovery from PCs, Web browsers, and mobile devices.

Please visit for more information on Tilana RealCDP and Tilana Systems Corp.

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