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Symform Extends Free Unlimited Cloud Backup to Top Linux Distributions

Cliff Boodoosingh, Editor on September 28, 2012
Support for Popular Fedora, Ubuntu and CentOS Distributions Provides Linux Users Secure and Reliable Offsite Data Backup and Opportunity to Contribute to Distributed Network

SEATTLE, WA--(Marketwire - Sep 27, 2012) - Symform, a revolutionary, distributed cloud backup service, today announced it has broadened the availability of its Global Cloud Storage Network to Linux users with support for Fedora, Ubuntu and CentOS distributions. Linux users can now take advantage of Symform's recently announced "Bytes or Bucks" offering -- the cloud backup industry's first-ever unlimited free product. Customers who opt to pay with Bytes obtain free cloud backup by contributing local unused drive space to the Symform Cloud Storage Network, or they can pay with Bucks at $0.15 per gigabyte per month.

When finalizing which distributions to initially support, Symform conducted a survey of 100 businesses about their use of Linux for file servers. The results revealed that 67% of respondents were using Debian chain distributions like Ubuntu, while 54% were using Red Hat chain distributions such as Fedora or CentOS. From questions about data growth and management, the survey showed 63% of Debian/Ubuntu users had one terabyte or more of data stored on their servers. However, many of those respondents were not backing up all of their data due to the high cost of traditional cloud storage. In fact, 20% of respondents were doing nothing at all for data backup.

"The Linux community is an important audience for our distributed, crowdsourced backup model, as many Linux users have large amounts of data and embrace the concept of contributing to a community," said Praerit Garg, co-founder and president at Symform. "This support also reflects our commitment to global platform ubiquity and addresses a top feature request by our partners and customers who use Linux servers for business critical workloads and storage."

Symform offers SMBs and prosumers with the most affordable, secure and reliable cloud storage and backup offering on the market. While traditional cloud providers rely on expensive, energy hungry centralized datacenters to power their cloud offerings and to store customers' data, Symform is able to offer a disruptive pricing model because it has almost no centralized infrastructure. As a result, Symform is building the world's largest virtual datacenter by leveraging customers' contributed local drive space to power their Global Cloud Storage Network. Currently, Symform has users in 150 countries who are storing more than 5.2 billion data fragments across the global network.

The Linux cloud backup application is available today for free download at To learn more about the Symform distributed Cloud Storage Network, visit

About Symform
The Symform Cloud Storage Network is a better way to store and backup all of your data. As the world's first distributed and crowdsourced data backup solution, Symform enables users to pay with Bytes instead of Bucks. Every business on the network contributes excess local drive space to the grid in exchange for secure, fast and reliable cloud data backup. Before data leaves the source device, it is encrypted and shredded, redundancy added, and then geo-distributed across the global network. With its proprietary and patented technology, Symform is building the world's largest virtual datacenter using existing Internet infrastructure. Go to or email for more information.

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