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SurDoc Now Gives 30GB Free Cloud Storage to Users

Cliff Boodoosingh, Editor on May 26, 2012
SurDoc's Refer-A-Friend Program Helps Users Get Largest Free Storage on the Market

MENLO PARK, Calif., May 24, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- SurDoc™ Corporation ( – a leader in cloud document and storage technology, announced today that their Refer-A-Friend Program is now live.  SurDoc users can get a bonus 20GB of free storage, or a total of 30GB free storage, by referring SurDoc to their friends and colleagues. For each person a SurDoc user invites and who signs up with SurDoc, that user will get 1GB of additional storage, and has an opportunity to get up to 20GB bonus storage, absolutely free, permanently. The person invited, when they sign up, will get an extra 1GB of free storage, or a total of 11GB of free storage.

In addition, new users who sign up will also have the opportunity to refer SurDoc to their friends and colleagues and also earn up to 30GB of free storage.

SurDoc's offering now makes it the largest free storage on the market and provides considerably more storage than competitors Google Drive (5GB), Apple's iCloud (5GB), Microsoft's SkyDrive (7GB) and even Dropbox's 17GB, which is given to their most loyal users.

Users can start referring friends and colleagues by clicking the "Get More Free Space!" link in their SurDoc accounts. To get the word out, users will be able to email their contacts an invitation message that has already been pre-populated for them – the user only has to insert the email address(es) of their friends and colleagues. The user can also edit the message to customize it the way they want. Once a user invites their friends and their colleagues, and they sign up, both existing user and the new user will receive credit for bonus storage once the new user activates the account. Since June is Father's Day, this is a great opportunity for a unique Father's Day gift.

About SurDoc Corp.
SurDoc is an emerging company, which is redefining the cloud storage and cloud document industry. Based on its unique and patented VisiDoc technology, SurDoc goes beyond cloud storage. This technology enables text and image data from virtually any source (word processing, spreadsheets, PDFs, presentations and more) to be viewed with high fidelity, shared, annotated and digitally signed using most web browsers on any device (desktop, laptop, smart phone, tablet, etc.) without having to download an app, plugin or software. SurDoc offers up to 30GB of free storage, which is the largest offering of its kind, and a 100GB plan for $1/month, which is the lowest price on the market. For more information, contact SurDoc at

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