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SunGard Secure2Disk Provides Online Backup & Recovery

Cliff Boodoosingh on June 04, 2009
SunGard Online Backup System Helps Organizations Protect and Recover More Data More Quickly

WAYNE, Pa., June 3 /PRNewswire/ -- Protecting business information from routine incidents, such as hardware and power outages, viruses, accidental deletions and application failures, as well as ensuring that information is available despite natural disasters is a continuous challenge for IT organizations. Secure2Disk from SunGard Availability Services delivers a new disk-based, online backup and recovery solution for organizations looking to improve the reliability of both operational backup and off-site recovery of their IT systems.

SunGard's Secure2Disk solution helps organizations upgrade their tape-based backup systems for their servers, virtual machines, databases, e-mail applications and storage devices with an online service that provides multiple generations of their backed-up information on an onsite SunGard appliance. The SunGard appliance can be used to help ensure operational resilience and as an online and off-site vault to protect vital information. Secure2Disk can help organizations recover more data, more quickly, with the increased data reliability and security of leveraging a disk-based backup and recovery capability at a cost comparable to tape.

"Companies are experiencing compound annual storage growth rates of 30 to 35 percent and this is pressuring IT organizations to improve information availability," says John Lindeman, vice president of product management at SunGard Availability Services. "With Secure2Disk, customer data is routinely routed to a secure, off-site SunGard recovery facility -- having data accessible at a second site is an information availability best practice."

Before the data is transmitted to SunGard, Secure2Disk "de-duplicates" the data to reduce network bandwidth and storage consumption, and encrypts the information before it leaves the customer's datacenter to help ensure security. Only the customer has access to its information. Customers can monitor the status of the Secure2Disk environment and restore any files on a 24/7 basis.

Secure2Disk Service includes a SunGard managed appliance connected directly to a customer's network and backs up Microsoft Windows, Linux, UNIX and IBM iSeries environments with no specialized technical skills needed. It permits organizations to respond quickly to operational outages restoring data from multiple sources -- disks that are on-site and disks that are online and off-site at a SunGard recovery center. Secure2Disk also provides a second off-site backup vault at a second SunGard recovery center that protects the primary backup copy.

When the customer also contracts with SunGard for recovery services, customer information is available for restoration to the SunGard recovery environment in the event of a disaster, test or system outage. This approach makes periodic testing and recovery achievable in hours instead of days by eliminating the lead times associated with tape.

About SunGard Availability Services

SunGard Availability Services provides disaster recovery services, managed IT services, information availability consulting services and business continuity management software to more than 10,000 customers in North America and Europe. With four million square feet of datacenter and operations space, SunGard assists IT organizations across virtually all industry and government sectors prepare for and recover from emergencies by helping them minimize their computer downtime and optimize their uptime. Through direct sales and channel partners, we help organizations ensure their people and customers have uninterrupted access to the information systems they need in order to do business. To learn more, visit or call 1-800-468-7483.

About SunGard

SunGard is one of the world's leading software and IT services companies. SunGard serves more than 25,000 customers in more than 70 countries, including the world's 25 largest financial services companies.

SunGard provides software and processing solutions for financial services, higher education and the public sector. SunGard also provides disaster recovery services, managed IT services, information availability consulting services and business continuity management software.

With annual revenue exceeding $5 billion, SunGard is ranked 435 on the Fortune 500 and is the largest privately held business software and services company on the Forbes list of private businesses. Based on information compiled by Datamonitor*, SunGard is the third largest provider of business applications software after Oracle and SAP. Continuity, Insurance & Risk has recognized SunGard as service provider of the year an unprecedented five times. For more information, please visit SunGard at

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