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Sumo Backup Hosting Data Loss Horror Stories Contest

Cliff Boodoosingh on April 23, 2009
Sumo Backup, a leading provider of premium small business backup solutions has launched a promotional contest where they award prizes for people who share their worst and most terrifying Data Loss Horror Stories.

What is a Data Loss Horror Story?
Simply put, it is any story from your past, where you had suffered tangible pain or inconvenience due to the loss of intangible intellectual property.

Have you ever had a Powerpoint presentation crash on the way to an important meeting? Have you ever lost decades of family photos because of a basement flood? Have you ever tried to reload a backup tape, only to find out that the original backups had not completed performed properly?

These are all great examples of Data Loss Horror Stories.

The rules of entry are simple. Just write out your story in 400 words or more and send it in to Alternate methods of entry also include Youtube videos and voicemail messages at 1-877-238-5768.

What is Sumo Backup?
Sumo Backup is a Windows online backup provider with a heavy difference. They are heavy on speed, heavy on security and heavy on service.

They have a robust back-end infrastructure that allows customers to recover faster and more efficiently than many other low-end online backup services.

They also use advanced encryption technologies such as AES and SSL, and these encryption methods are implemented in such a way that only the end-user (and not the backup provider) can ever access the data. This is ideal for companies that have privacy and compliance requirements that relate to their data storage.

Finally, as an IBM business partner, Sumo Backup invests heavily in training and education. If you need assistance, they have qualified staff ready to help you via live chat.

In a nutshell, Sumo Backup takes the same high-end online backup technology that was traditionally only available to large enterprise organizations, and makes it accessible to small businesses and individuals.

You can visit for a free product trial and more information on the service. Also, you can visit to view previous Data Loss Horror Story submission, or to add your own.

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