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Streaming Group Providing Data Backup System Services with Government Level Elite Security Protection

Cliff Boodoosingh on June 18, 2007
Leading Internet TV and Video on Demand provider Streaming Group is now helping companies, government agencies and other organizations throughout the world achieve the ultimate in online data security. Their robust data backup system services are now enhanced with government level elite hosting security protection and are available to anyone.

(PRWEB) June 18, 2007 -- When Streaming Group got its start in 2000, its proprietary multimedia compression and optimization technology helped spark a revolution in the use and popularity of online videos. Now, with streaming video features commonplace on all types of Web sites, the company is using its technological expertise to branch out into a new area of online business. Streaming Group is using its worldwide, state of the art hosting facilities to help its clients to backup mass data storage ( with the added protection of government level elite security.

Because the state of data protection technology is often just one step ahead of the hackers, cyber-terrorists and other malicious entities that seek to exploit its weaknesses, there is little room for comfort when it comes to the most sensitive and valuable data. As a result, many companies, government agencies and others who transmit and store online data are demanding the highest available level of security in their data backup system (

"For many of our clients, the increased peace of mind itself is well worth obtaining the elite level of data security that Streaming Group can provide," explains Maurits Paul Rijkeboer MBA, General Manager of Streaming Group. "But we've also paid attention to every other detail. Our data backup system includes every service and feature that our clients want and expect, but is enhanced with exceedingly rare government level security features."

Streaming Group's hosting packages are available at industry competitive prices and the use of the latest backup technologies is guaranteed. Its users benefit from real-time encrypted login, a 24-hour help desk and user-friendly live reporting tools. They are also offering their new, cutting-edge streaming media/video/webcam hosting services worldwide.

Although Streaming Group's backup mass data storage services are ideal for anyone who insists on the most strict security levels, the company's hosting facilities are still uniquely beneficial to clients with streaming video and other media needs. Their worldwide hosting centers support all streaming media and software technologies.

To backup mass data storage with the enhanced protection of government level elite hosting or to learn more about the advanced streaming media/video/webcam hosting services offered worldwide, please visit (

About Streaming Group:

Streaming Group is a leading provider of the most advanced IPTV, Video on Demand and live broadcast services. Since 2000, Streaming Group has employed proprietary technology and customer-oriented turnkey services in order to deliver television quality streaming video to PCs and mobile devices worldwide. In addition to their advanced multimedia compression and optimization abilities, the company also provides real-time data backup system services with government level elite security in multiple state of the art hosting facilities.

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