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Sterling Data Storage Adds Online Backup & Recovery Service

Cliff Boodoosingh, Editor on May 30, 2012
Scottsdale, AZ (PRWEB) May 29, 2012 - Sterling Data Storage™ is pleased to offer online data backup and recovery to businesses that need to remotely protect company or client information.

Sterling Data Storage™, a global leader in data storage and rapid data retrieval, has expanded its business model to offer small and medium-sized businesses a full-featured online backup and data recovery service. Interested parties can receive a free price quote at or by calling 877-503-6313. The data backup software can be installed on every server, desktop PC and even laptops that travel outside the company network.

Unlike other cloud based storage devices, Sterling Data Storage™ automatically syncs and stores any updated files and new files that are created, ensuring the latest versions of any file is protected and remotely backed up on a daily basis. The online backup software sends a daily report to the end user detailing the number of files that were sent to the remote storage device and any errors that may have occurred. Up to 28 versions of the backup files are kept on the remote storage server to allow data restoration from a past calendar date.

By securely storing data with Sterling Data Storage™, companies and IT managers significantly reduce the risk of a business disruption or data loss. All data stored by Sterling is double encrypted and vaulted in a secure SAS-70 data center. If a Sterling customer loses their local data due to a computer malfunction, natural disaster or theft, the data can be restored within a matter of hours over the internet. For a complete list of features, visit:

“Since the launch of Sterling Data Storage we discovered the dire need for a solution that every small and medium sized business could implement to store and recover mission critical and archival data. Our remote data backup and recovery product provides an affordable solution that makes it easier to secure network infrastructures through use of automated backup software residing on each business computer,” said Jim Morand, CEO of Sterling Data Storage. “Combining enterprise-grade capabilities with no licensing fees and no contract requirements is a no-brainer for the small and medium sized companies.”

The company offers a version of its software that can be branded by IT professionals and Managed Service Providers (MSPs). Morand continues, “Our online backup software is simple to implement and manage from a single dashboard. IT service providers and MSPs can setup our software in a matter of minutes and earn residual income while protecting their clients from data loss.”

A recent investigation conducted by Sterling Data Storage™ included 250 small and medium sized companies and revealed 98% were not remotely backing up their computers or were using unreliable technologies such as tape storage. Even more alarming, over 80% believed their data was protected despite being completely vulnerable. Due to the increasing dependence on information technology and internet connected devices, any disruption in access to client information or complete data loss can be financially devastating.   

About Sterling Data Storage:
Sterling Data Storage, LLC - - is a Scottsdale, Arizona based Software Company, which develops and markets a revolutionary Software-as-a-Service based online data storage, backup and recovery service for small and medium sized companies. From its operations and datacenters in North America, and in partnership with both IT Service Providers and Managed Service Providers, Sterling Data Storage™ has helped hundreds of companies automate the critical task of storing, securing and retrieving data.

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