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SpiderOak Claims To Offer Better Online Backup Services Than Carbonite

Cliff Boodoosingh on July 14, 2009
Carbon(ite)-Dated: SpiderOak Offers Better Online Backup PLUS Sync & Share ; Supports More Devices, Stores All Files/Versions Permanently, Syncs Multiple Machines

CHICAGO, July 14 /PRNewswire/ -- Online data manager SpiderOak ranks as a Carbonite Killer in a feature-for-feature comparison of the two services, proving that all online data backup services are not created equal. SpiderOak supports more devices and operating systems, stores all backed-up files and versions permanently without Carbonite's 90-day discard policy, and offers two key additional services: synchronization of designated folders between multiple devices plus file sharing for easy group access.

SpiderOak enables users to backup, sync, share, access, and store files from any combination of Windows, Mac and Linux computers as well as external storage media in a single account. Advantages over Carbonite include:

    * Sync service, enabling users to sync documents, music, photos, movies and other files between two or more home and work machines, desktops and laptops, or any other combination of computers and external storage media. Carbonite does not offer synchronization.
    * File sharing, enabling users to create password-protected 'ShareRooms' with groups of folders that can be seen by designated friends, family members, colleagues or clients. Changes to shared files are automatically uploaded and can also be sent as RSS feeds. Carbonite does not offer a file sharing function.
    * Data protection for Windows/Mac/Linux computers and peripherals, including external hard drives, network drives and removable media. Users also save time by managing data on work, home and spare computers as well as external drives in a unified manner. Carbonite can only back up the user's primary Windows or Mac hard drive, leaving other data sources vulnerable.
    * One account for multiple devices, enabling users to take advantage of bulk storage rates, manage all device backups and other functions from a central location, and access data from any machine in their personal network. Carbonite users must pay for, manage and access data on each device separately, adding costs as well as extra overhead.
    * Perpetual file and version storage, ensuring access to older and even deleted files at any time. Carbonite saves historical versions only for 90 days and deleted files for only 30, failing to protect users against unanticipated need for older or deleted files.

SpiderOak's service - including backup, sync, file sharing, storage and remote file access from any Internet-enabled device - is free for the first 2 GBs, costs $10/month from 2 to 100GB, and $10/month for each additional 100GB increment for an unlimited number of devices. Enrollment is available at

About SpiderOak

SpiderOak provides innovative cloud-based personal data management services that simplify the process of backing up, accessing, organizing, sharing and synchronizing data from any number of computers or external storage media. The company's solution suite protects users against data loss, permits browser-based access to information from the user's personal computing devices from any Internet-enabled computer, ensures common file availability across multiple user machines without manual sync'ing, offers password-protected 'ShareRooms' for easy family/friend/colleague access, and provides a variety of technical advantages for efficient and cost-effective data management. For more information, visit

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