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Spare Backup & Comet Group Launch Filesafe Online Backup Service

Cliff Boodoosingh on April 05, 2010
Spare Backup along with Comet Group, PLC ("Comet") today announced the launch of their co-branded cloud computing platform named "Filesafe" throughout Comet's 250 store locations in the U.K. The consumer offering of unlimited online storage for 29.95 pound Sterling in the first year, will serve as the central web based interface where a user can backup, store and by adding additional features later like sync, they will be able to coordinate all their data across all their devices including PCs, cell phones and PDAs.

Both companies intend to aggressively market the "Filesafe" service through Comet's 250 store locations as part of Comet's customer warrantee program for all computers, and individually as a standalone product. Spare Backup will assist in the launch as it did before with its other retailers by traveling around and helping merchandise the product, along with training their staff. Spare Backup and Comet have agreed to share any revenue derived from the fee based usage agreement on a confidential but mutually beneficial basis, which is expected to start immediately.

Spare Backup will be responsible for maintaining the integrity of the data and for the administration and operation of the platform, website and service delivery. Spare Backup will ensure that the platform is available on a 24/7 basis except for scheduled maintenance or in the event of an emergency.

Spare Backup is the first totally automated online backup service that intelligently selects, secures and stores files without any user intervention.

"This launch is another significant milestone for our company's efforts to position Spare Backup as the leading backup and cloud computing platform in Europe. We know from our past experience what the initial take rates should be and are confident that this in-store launch will lead to a significant ramp in revenue in the coming quarters. We are confident that Cloud Computing is where the future is going and we intend to build a long and profitable relationship with an innovative and leading retailer like Comet that has proven ability to build a lucrative subscriber base around their valued customers."

About Spare Backup, Inc.:

Spare Backup, Inc. specializes in helping consumers, small office/home office users and small to mid-sized businesses protect their computer data quickly, automatically and cost-effectively. The company's flagship Spare Backup product is the first totally automated online backup service that intelligently selects, secures and stores files without any user intervention, automatically backing up documents, email, music, photos and other PC files on a continuous basis or according to the schedule of the user's choice.

The company recently has launched a suite of services in consumer cloud computing. Spare Backup, Inc., is headquartered in Palm Desert, California, USA. For additional information, visit

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