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Southwest Data Protection Enhances DigiBackup Pro Online Backup

Cliff Boodoosingh on March 19, 2010
(I-Newswire) March 19, 2010 - Taking steps to address the increasingly critical data protection needs of small businesses, Las Vegas based Southwest Data Protection’s DigiBackup Pro online backup technology, today announced enhancements to DigiBackup Pro with LiveProtect™, which enables small businesses to back up data from multiple destinations at the same time.

By backing up data to ten datacenters, DigiBackup Pro enables SMBs to backup their entire network — from their Microsoft Outlook files to Databases, to their financial documents. DigiBackup Pro with LiveProtect™, enables SMBs to monitor their files, and be assured of continuous real-time data protection. DigiBackup Pro backs up the data offsite automatically, keeping an unlimited version history giving SMB owners the ability to roll-back at any time.

Some of the enhanced features and key differences between DigiBackup Pro and other competitive business products include:

Unlimited Versioning and Archiving – DigiBackup Pro is a leader in protecting against the source of over 80% of data loss and accidental deletion. DigiBackup Pro assures businesses that every version of every file is kept forever, unlike other online backup systems that delete files from a backup when they are deleted from the computer, either intentionally or accidentally. With other providers of backup solutions that do not keep versioining of files, once that file has been deleted from the drive it is erased immediately.

Physical Media Upload – DigiBackup Pro uniquely addresses the needs of SMBs that have large amounts of data and an unpredictable Internet connection which could take weeks to complete the initial backup of data. DigiBackup Pro offers an exclusive Physical Media Upload (PMU) service to avoid this frustration, providing businesses with an external drive in which to copy data. After DigiBackup Pro personnel transfer the data to the datacenters servers, future backups are quick and easy.

Global Roaming Access – DigiBackup Pro ensures that businesses will always be able to retrieve critical files by backing up data regularly to the DigiBackup Pro Backup Server Grid. This allows businesses to access data from any computer with a web browser, unlike other backup systems that will only restore to the same computer that created the backup.

Access Files with Your Mobile Phone – Addressing the increasing use of mobile devices, DigiBackup Pro enables iPhone users or other WAP-enabled mobile phones (including the BlackBerry) to access data from anywhere and at anytime.

Free Unlimited Computers – DigiBackup Pro allows users to backup all their personal and business computers to one account at no extra charge.

Free Integrated Local Backup – DigiBackup Pro offers SMBs more than just online, offsite access to data, enabling a complete local backup suite where businesses can securely back up any file to any local medium, whether it’s an external hard drive, a local network connection, a flash memory stick or an iPod.

Southwest Data Protection understands that when it comes to the needs of small businesses, online backup is invaluable, and we’ve taken steps to deliver solutions that offer SMBs more features designed to improve accessibility, flexibility and security of their data. “This service can be combined with our physical off-site data protection service for complete protection of your vital digital information” said Greg LeFrancis, General Manager of Southwest Data Protection.

Southwest Data Protection’s DigiBackup Pro online backup solution is a software-as-a-service billed at a low monthly subscription, making their advanced data protection affordable for any small to mid-sized business.


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