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SOS Online Backup Launches New Android App

Cliff Boodoosingh, Editor on June 25, 2012
SOS Online Backup releases enhanced Android app making it easy to backup and protect Google-enabled devices and access files in the secure SOS cloud.

LOS ANGELES, June 25, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- SOS Online Backup has made available the latest version of its software for Google Android smart-phones and tablets. The app sports an all-new look with simplified backup selection and universally accesses cloud files from PCs, Macs, iPhones and other Android devices free trial available at

"SOS for Android is the only app of its kind backed by a cloud provider of SOS's caliber," said Ken Shaw, CEO and Founder of SOS Online Backup. "There are lots of apps that let you push slivers of data from your Android to the Cloud. SOS is the only app that lets you backup all your Android data, with the same service that also lets you backup your PCs, Macs and iOS devices. It fully protects Android applications, music, pictures, videos and files on the SD card. It also gives SOS subscribers full access to their secured personal cloud including any files from Windows PCs, Macs or iPhones. Three-tier encryption and universal connectivity are features you won't find in services like Dropbox, iCloud and Google Drive."

SOS Leads the Way in Android Backup

SOS for Android has two primary functions: My Cloud and Protect. In My Cloud, users have instant access to all of the files in their personal cloud including those from other devices and computers. Files can be downloaded then opened in any other app on the device for viewing or editing.

The Protect tool enables users to select which files on their device they would like to backup to their cloud. Pictures, videos, music and applications are backed up with a single tap on each. Other files on the device, including those on SD storage, can be selected as well. Also, unlike many services, including Dropbox and Google Drive, SOS uses "client-side" encryption in all cases meaning files are always encoded and protected before being transferred over the Internet.

The new SOS for Android app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. Current subscribers can access their existing account and new users can start a free trial in-app new accounts can also be used to backup any other PCs, Macs or iPhones/iPads. Starting at $4.95/year for 15GB of backup storage, SOS is simple and affordable.

The SOS Product Suite

SOS is available for homes, businesses and enterprises. A single SOS for Home account can protect 5 PCs & Macs including an unlimited number of smart-phones and tablets without any per-computer fees includes Facebook backup as well. With our very-own 'ForeverSave' technology, the SOS cloud archives file versions forever and will never automatically delete data considered "old."

For small businesses, SOS for Business protects an unlimited number of PCs and Apple computers, provides unlimited versioning with Timeline Recovery and has built-in local backup it starts at $39.99/month. For enterprises with large Windows networks that need bare metal backup, Cloud Boot capabilities, granular Exchange backup/restore and other advanced needs, SOS ServerSave starts at $129/month.

About SOS Online Backup

Based in El Segundo, California, SOS builds first-in-class online backup, cloud storage and file sharing software for homes and small businesses, server and database support for large enterprises as well as branded solutions for managed service providers, resellers and OEMs. SOS is the four-time winner of PC Magazine's Editors' Choice Award and has received noteworthy acclaim from The New York Times, Wall Street Journal and others for its PC, Mac, iOS, Android and Facebook backup applications. For more information, visit


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