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SafeEvault Boosts Data Storage On Remote Online Data Backup Free Trial

Cliff Boodoosingh on September 18, 2008
SafeEvault announces it has increased the size of its remote online data backup free trial from 2 GB to 300 GB of data storage. This free trial of its remote online data backup solution is aimed at small to mid-sized businesses which currently use antiquated tape or disk backup devices.

Dallas, TX (PRWEB) September 18, 2008 -- In many areas of the country disasters like fires, floods and hurricanes have destroyed application servers and physical data backup devices at thousands of small and mid-sized businesses. Too many businesses either did not backup their data, or used physical backup devices which they kept onsite and were subsequently destroyed during these disasters.

The sad reality is many business owners do not value their data as much as they value other business assets. They insure equipment, buildings and their people, but they don't protect one of their most mission critical assets, their data. Unfortunately, physical data backup devices do not always protect data from disasters. Also, data restores from tape backups fail more than they succeed.

Remote online data backups ( automatically store mission critical data securely at a remote location. In the event of a disaster, an online backup agent provides access to the business data from any internet connection. A few clicks of the mouse will quickly and efficiently restore the data files. What does this mean? Back in business, instead of out of business!

Many small to mid-sized businesses would like to move away from using data backup hardware like tapes and disks but don't want to migrate to the latest, most reliable form of data backup, remote online data backup, without testing it first.

Some online data backup companies offer free trials of their backup service, with storage limits ranging from 250 MB to 2 GB of data. The problem is most small to mid-sized businesses need much more storage capacity to adequately evaluate remote online data backup solutions.

SafeEvault ( recognized this business need and raised the storage limit of its remote online data backup free trial from 2 GB to 300 GB. Also, they announced the waiving of all setup fees for their data seeding process. To expedite the initial backup, SafeEvault provides a portable drive to seed the encrypted initial backup, and then plant it to their backup servers.

This is a great time for businesses to take a hard look at how they currently protect one their most critical business assets, their data. Businesses that either do not bother to backup their data, or use unreliable, manpower centric, physical data backup devices, should take advantage of these free trials ( being offered by remote online data backup service providers.

About SafeEvault: (

Our nearly two decades as an information technology service provider, and the new VBCN technology, sets us apart from other online backup service providers. Years of extensive calibration of sophisticated software, investment in the most advanced network devices and the latest security technologies, makes SafeEvault the leader in business continuity and online backup solutions.

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