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Robo-FTP Now Comes With Free SafeLink Online Backup

Cliff Boodoosingh on May 17, 2011
Serengeti Systems announces plan to bundle free SafeLink Online Backup account with the XE and Enterprise editions of their leading secure FTP automation software Robo-FTP.

PRWEB- May 17, 2011- Serengeti Systems Incorporated announced plans today to include a free SafeLink Online Backup ( account with the purchase of a new Robo-FTP ( XE or Enterprise license.

"Robo-FTP has helped thousands of businesses securely and reliably automate their mission critical file transfers and related tasks. We're excited to take that commitment to security and reliability one step further by including secure off-site backup of important Robo-FTP files and settings with each Robo-FTP XE and Enterprise license," says Joel Hodge (product manager).
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SafeLink Online Backup offers:

    * Unlimited archiving - older backups never deleted and stored for free
    * Fast incremental daily backup and restore to any machine you designate
    * Secure and redundant off-site storage at multiple data centers with military style encryption
    * Access to your data from any web browser or smart phone
    * Continuous data protection -- changed or new files are backed up immediately

For more information, including terms and conditions, contact the Robo-FTP sales team at (512) 345-2211, option 1.

About the Secure FTP Software Company, Serengeti Systems, Inc.

Founded in 1986, Serengeti Systems is a data communications company specializing in PC-to-mainframe connectivity. They strive to produce the highest quality products and exceptional service so customers know their business is genuinely appreciated.

In 2001, Serengeti combined their experience in secure automated file transfers and applied it to the File Transfer Protocol (FTP) to launch their workflow automation tool, Robo-FTP. Robo-FTP is the IT Professional's power tool for managing automated file transfers and related tasks.

For more information about Serengeti Systems and Robo-FTP, contact the Serengeti sales team at 512.345.2211, option 1 or visit

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