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Protect SQL Server Data from RINBOT virus with Online Backup

Cliff Boodoosingh on March 26, 2007

NetMass, the Safe Data Company
3/1/2007 5:44:30 PM

Remote backup company offers advice, protection from RINBOT and DELBOT viruses

March 1, 2007 With newer strains of the RINBOT or DELBOT virus attacking business networks, leading data protection company NetMass advises all organizations to take steps to safeguard their critical data.

This crippling computer virus is already hitting U.S. corporations by attacking their MS SQL servers. The virus spreads through the network by manipulating "weak" spots such as simple passwords, according to NetMass.

NetMass announced it is offering a free 30-day trial of its remote, disk-based backup service that safeguards business data. This offer includes SQL database protection as well as backup for Exchange, Windows, Linux and more.

The ServerSafe D2D backup service is designed for the business continuity and IT needs of small and medium businesses. ServerSafe automates and centralizes backup to provide reliable data protection with a single, secure, self-managing solution.

ServerSafe offers companies an advanced solution that compresses, encrypts and sends data across the internet to professionally managed offsite storage vaults where data is safe and available for immediate recovery.

ServerSafe Remote Backup features:

- Hot SQL and Exchange Backup for 24/7 application availability - a key benefit

- Simple Setup. No need to buy and install agents or plug-ins for every computer; install ServerSafe on a host machine and leverage your existing internet connectivity

- Central Management. Complete control over your backup/recovery process with single pane of glass management

- Fast Backup, Fast Restore. Disk-to-disk (D2D) backups happen at a fraction of the time it takes to backup to tape -- your SQL database can be restored with a few mouse clicks. It also enables a local copy to be backed up as well for fast LAN-speed recovery

- Hard-Coded Security. AES encryption for data both in-flight and at-rest.

- Bare Metal Restore for quick and easy recovery

For questions or to sign up for the 30-day trial, call NetMass at 1.800.731.2737 or visit on the web at

About NetMass. NetMass, the safe data company, provides companies secure and reliable remote backup solutions. NetMass has been helping organizations realize offsite data protection, business continuity and regulatory compliance since 1998. NetMass has offices in Dallas and Houston and has partners and clients around the world.

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