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Prepare Your Business For Disaster With A Downtime Cost Calculator

Cliff Boodoosingh on September 08, 2010
Selling data protection is often compared to selling insurance. That’s why it’s sometimes difficult to show the critical need for IT disaster planning when discussing with decision makers.  Especially with our current slow economy, companies have a hard time justifying additional IT investments when most other areas are struggling.

But this is also the time when proper IT planning is most important.

The company is more vulnerable to risk – precisely because profits are taking a hit. All it takes is just one major disaster to destroy an organization, since their cash reserves might be too low to carry them through the crisis.

As a means of demonstrating this, Storagepipe Solutions has introduced an online tool that visually and dramatically demonstrates the importance of planning for unplanned downtime.

This tool inputs operating data relating to revenue and staff size, and translates it into real-world predictions of the potential impacts that could arise from a sudden datacenter failure. However, this tool is only able to calculate so-called “hard” downtime costs. When running the analysis drills, it’s also important to factor in other “soft” costs such as legal problems and customer reputation.

This method of demonstrating downtime costs is far superior to the stale Excel spreadsheets we’ve all become accustomed to. Instead, it makes the numbers more dramatic, by showing a live rolling count in real-time.

For more information about how your company can plan for fast recovery in the event of a disaster, visit

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