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Online who.hasfiles Storage Aimed To Replace USB Flash Drives

Cliff Boodoosingh on April 21, 2007

Written by Konstantin Afonin
St. Petersburg, Russia -- Apr 21, 2007 -- /prbuzz/ -- Nevesomo, a privately held company specializing in web services, announced the public launch of who.hasfiles online storage service at The service allows users to use remote disk storage natively in their systems, including Windows, MacOS and Linux. At signing up, a user gets his own storage address, like, and can store files at the remote online storage, easily accessible, just like if the files were stored locally.

Native usage means that no extra software is needed to use the storage, a special folder is created in userís Operational System that is connected with the online storage. Since the storage is mapped as a native folder, it is even possible to store and launch applications from the online storage. These features are claimed as the strongest competitive advantages of the who.hasfiles service, radically simplifying the usage of an online storage.

The service is also positioned as an alternative to USB flash drives and alike storages, since who.hasfiles can be used almost at any computer either at home, at workplace, at internet cafe or any other machine connected to the web.

Users can share their storages, by adding other registered users as "friends". These friends can use friendly storages as long as the friendship is active. Sending large files over internet turns into putting these files at who.hasfiles storage and letting a friend to get the files.

The service provides 100 MB of free storage space. Additional space is provided on a monthly subscription basis, at the price of $1 for 1 GB a month. The amount can be from 1 GB up to 100 GB, and can be changed as often as needed, allowing to store large amounts of data only when needed and to pay less. Paid accounts are accompanied by an SSL-powered encrypted connection.

Possible uses of the who.hasfiles service include: using files and applications from several connected locations, collaborating by sharing data, transferring large files over internet, backup uses, storing files while traveling, and password-protecting files.

About Nevesomo:
Nevesomo Ltd is a private company in St. Petersburg, Russia, dedicated to development of web-based services, with the aim to create bloat-free, straight and clean applications and services.

For further information, please contact:
Konstantin Afonin
Phone: +7921 9557012
E-mail: people@nevesomo.comThis email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it

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