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Online Storage Provider Diino Reaches Milestone - 1 Million Users Worldwide

Cliff Boodoosingh on May 27, 2008
 STOCKHOLM, May 26 /PRNewswire/ -- Diino, a market leading online storage provider, now has more than one million users, and the demand for online based storage solutions is rapidly increasing amongst residential users and SMEs.

Steady growth in demand for alternative storage solutions is a direct result of the increasing amount of files created by individuals and companies. Traditional solutions such as external hard drives and USB memory sticks are being replaced with automatic internet based solutions. Surveys show that few people make regular back-ups of their files resulting in loss of personal files, including music, photos and movies. For a smaller sized business, loss of vital business information can directly impact a company's ability to do business and ultimately result in revenue downturn.

"What attracts private users and smaller businesses to Diino is the possibility to store their files online in a simple and secure manner," says Jan Nilsson, CEO of Diino. "Diino allows you to store, access, share and back up your digital documents, photographs, and music easily with complete privacy online. In addition you can also stream your mp3 collection to any PC or mobile device plus access your files and blog from your mobile phone, so you are never out of touch," he says.

"After nearly two years on the market we have seen the competition intensify. With one million users we can safely say that we are amongst the larger players in this field and we are here to stay," says Jan Nilsson. "We can see a movement from early adopters into more mainstream usage and this is where the real opportunity is. Diino's ease-of-use makes it a product suitable for the masses, and can either be a  complement or substitute to traditional storage solutions such as external hard drives," he adds.

Diino is currently top-ranked amongst online back-up providers worldwide by Founded in 2004 the site evaluates more than 400 online back-up companies and ranks the top 25 services on a monthly basis.

    About Diino

Diino AB with offices in Atlanta, London, Mexico City, and Stockholm has over the past years developed storage and file sharing technologies. Diino AB is one of the leading providers of secure online storage and file sharing technologies. Diino provides an easy, powerful, cost-effective and secure way for individuals and businesses to store, access, share and publish files. Diino AB and its U.S.-based subsidiary Diino Inc. is owned by Novestra AB, listed on OMX, as well as Swisscom, listed on the Zurich Stock Exchange.

    More information:

    Jan Nilsson, CEO, Diino AB
    Phone: +46-733-39-82-93


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