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Online Backup Software Updates: Code 42's CrashPlan+

Cliff Boodoosingh on December 08, 2010
DEC. 07-10- MINNEAPOLIS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Code 42 Software Inc., developers of CrashPlan and CrashPlan PRO, award-winning backup software for home and business, today announced the release of CrashPlan+, Version 3.0. In addition, the company announced new pricing for CrashPlan+ which now includes CrashPlan Central, an online backup destination.

CrashPlan+, Version 3.0 features easy-yet-powerful multiple backup sets, allowing users to specify which files go to which locations and with what settings. Consumers are now able to mix and match destinations with different backup settings to fit even the most complex backup scenarios. Additional enhancements to CrashPlan+ include: flexible scheduling of the dates and times that backups occur, recognition of new computers and devices, automatic subscription renewal and the ability to scan and verify the files in your backup files selection (or in your backup sets) on demand.

“The most common request we hear from CrashPlan users has been the ability to have multiple backup configurations for different destinations. Our new Backup Sets feature delivers that, and more,” said Matthew Dornquast, founder and CEO of Code 42 Software. “Because we protect people's data, we've spent a lot of time testing these new capabilities to ensure that they're rock solid and easy to use. We believe CrashPlan version 3.0 is the most powerful, yet easy to use, backup system available.”

In addition to the new software features of CrashPlan+ version 3.0, the company also rolled out new affordable pricing plans which include all of the expanded features of CrashPlan+ and online backup to CrashPlan Central, a secure, online backup destination. With the new pricing structure, consumers can chose from one of three packages for CrashPlan+:

    * CrashPlan+ 10GB - $24.99/year – All of the expanded features of CrashPlan+ and the option to store up to 10 GB of data from one computer on CrashPlan Central.
    * CrashPlan+ Unlimited - $49.99/year – All of the expanded features of CrashPlan+ and the option to store unlimited data from one computer on CrashPlan Central.
    * CrashPlan+ Family Unlimited - $119.99/year – All of the expanded features of CrashPlan+ and the option to store unlimited data from every computer within a household on CrashPlan Central.

CrashPlan is comprehensive backup software for Windows, Mac, Linux (and Solaris) users, which allows automatic back up of any computer to hard disks, other computers on a local network, and the optional CrashPlan Central online backup facility. With CrashPlan's unique social backup feature, users can back up to computers belonging to friends and family (and vice versa). CrashPlan's wide compatibility, flexibility and security set it apart from other backup providers, delivering unrivaled protection against the unexpected. CrashPlan's basic software (without online backup) is free for non-business use. Expanded features are available on CrashPlan+ which comes standard with all three new pricing options.

CrashPlan+ version 3.0 and CrashPlan version 3.0 will be delivered as an automatic upgrade to current users. First-time users can download and try CrashPlan+ for free for 30 days at: To learn more about CrashPlan, please visit

ABOUT Code 42 Software, Inc.

Code 42 Software, a privately-held company based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, has been developing software to protects the world's data since 2001. In 2007 the award-winning consumer solution, CrashPlan (Backup for Everyone) was introduced, followed a year later by the enterprise solution, CrashPlan PRO. Both products offer multi-destination, cross-platform backup onsite, offsite and online.

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