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Online Backup Services: McLeodUSA Unveils ''Storage and Sharing'' for SMBs

Cliff Boodoosingh on October 23, 2007
 Hosted data center offers cost-effective, secure solution for file backup, remote access

October 22, 2007-CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa--(BUSINESS WIRE)--McLeodUSA today unveiled Storage and Sharing, a remote data storage solution that lets small and medium-sized businesses easily and securely back up, store and share vital business information. In addition to boosting daily productivity, the data storage solution offers a powerful, yet affordable tool for business continuity planning and disaster recovery.

McLeodUSA is a competitive communications carrier that specializes in IP-based integrated communications for small, medium and multi-location businesses.

“Growing businesses need expanded data storage space due to larger file sizes and increasingly complex data requirements,” said Chris MacFarland, McLeodUSA’s Chief Technology Officer. “Storage and Sharing offers small and medium businesses data-storage capabilities comparable to those enjoyed by Fortune 500 companies. It supports user-driven scheduled backups as well as secure remote access to important business information. Anyone who has ever experienced lost data due to a stolen PC or failed hard drive will appreciate the peace of mind that comes with McLeodUSA’s data storage solution.”

McLeodUSA’s Storage and Sharing provides remote data center capabilities over a hosted network platform. Key features include:

    * File Storage – Customers can use the service to create a primary server location or to establish a site for backup copies of data. Remote storage frees up space on office computer systems.
    * File Sharing – Stored files can be securely shared with designated internal company users as well as external customers and vendors.
    * Synchronization – Stored data can be synchronized, in real time, with corresponding files on the user’s local PC or server. This ensures that vital information stored on the remote data center is always up-to-date.
    * Data Backup – Customers can back up their data files on-demand or on any schedule they choose.
    * File Restoration – Customers can use remote storage to restore an individual file or an entire database.
    * Virtual Drive – Users can easily map a virtual drive from their PC to the online storage center.

Using McLeodUSA’s “Your Account” self-service portal, the customer’s designated system administrator has dynamic control over who is authorized to access the storage center or specific files, as well as the amount of storage allocated to each user or group. The product supports individual user accounts for authentication and access privileges.

During a site relocation or emergency, Storage and Sharing can be accessed remotely using any Internet connection. This allows businesses to maintain essential business operations during periods of significant change or crisis.

McLeodUSA Storage and Sharing is available today. Wide ranges of storage and user packages are available. Existing customers can contact their sales representative for further details. Or, please call McLeodUSA at 800-593-1177 to learn more.


On Sept. 17, 2007, McLeodUSA announced its agreement to be acquired by PAETEC Holding Corp. in a deal that will create a nationwide competitive communications carrier focused on businesses. The combined company will serve 47 of the top 50, and 82 of the top 100 US metropolitan areas in 2008. The transaction is expected to close in the first quarter of 2008.

“McLeodUSA will continue to develop product innovations to better serve our customers,” MacFarland said. “Storage and Sharing is the latest example of our efforts to help customers increase their business productivity.”

About McLeodUSA

McLeodUSA provides managed internet protocol-, or IP-, based communications services to small- and medium-sized enterprises, and traditional circuit-switched telephony services to commercial and residential customers in the Midwest, Rocky Mountain, Southwest and Northwest regions of the nation. McLeodUSA delivers a wide variety of broadband IP-based voice and data solutions, targeting primarily small and medium-sized enterprises and multi-location commercial customers. For more information, visit

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