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Online Backup Provider SpiderOak Offers Special 25% Discount

Cliff Boodoosingh on December 23, 2008
SpiderOak Offers 25% Discount to Those Who Resolve to Safeguard Their Data This New Year

CHICAGO, Dec. 22 /PRNewswire/ -- Online data manager SpiderOak today announced the company is offering an incentive to those who make a resolution this New Year to keep their computer files safe: 25% off all paid yearly contracts. The 25% discount will be available to those customers signing up for yearly contracts during the month of January 2009, when they enter the promotion code "resolution" when prompted during the new user setup process.

Standard SpiderOak pricing is free for the first 2GB of storage, $10/month from 2 to 100GB, and $10/month for each additional 100GB increment for an unlimited number of devices.

SpiderOak is the only online storage provider that enables users to store, backup, access and share files from any combination of Windows, Mac and Linux computers as well as external storage media in a single de-duplicated account. All data is stored in a central storage repository -- called a 'SuperCloud' -- and accessible from any device in the user's virtual personal network. Sync services will be added soon.

SpiderOak's advanced de-duplication cuts backup/sync time by as much as 90%, as well as reducing storage costs by conserving space. Other features unique to SpiderOak include perpetual file and version storage even for older and deleted files, the ability to aggregate multiple devices in one account to take advantage of bulk storage rates, and an industry-first no-password-storage security policy that prevents even SpiderOak employees from viewing user information including file and folder names.

Multiple redundancy strategies and an automated stress testing and verification system protect customers against data loss.

About SpiderOak

SpiderOak provides innovative virtual personal network services that simplify the process of backing up, accessing, organizing, sharing and synchronizing data from any number of computers or external storage media. The company allows users to create a 'SuperCloud' that protects them against data loss, makes all stored information available by browser on a 24x7 basis, offers password-protected 'Share Rooms' for easy family/friend/colleague access, and provides a variety of technical advantages for efficient and cost-effective data management. For more information, visit

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