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Online Backup Provider, Remote Backup Systems, Implements CDP Engine

Cliff Boodoosingh on September 13, 2007
Remote Backup Systems Implements CDP Engine into Latest Version Of Award-Winning RBackup Software

9/12/2007 -Remote Backup Systems Inc. (RBS) recently announced a major enhancement to its award-winning RBackup online backup software solution with the addition of Continuous Data Protection (CDP) functionality, which offers users a feature-rich yet easy-to-use set of file recovery and restoration tools to ensure the complete safety of a company’s business-critical information.

RBackup’s CDP provides customers with the highest levels of business continuity and disaster recovery through a more efficient BitBackup process featuring nearly limitless granularity. The CDP engine picks the files requiring backup and watches for when changes are made to them. Only these changes are saved, eliminating the need to acquire additional and costly storage space typically associated with full file backup. Users can choose to restore full file sets or any file up to a specific point in time.

An industry first, RBackup is the only CDP software storage solution that allows users to select the type of encryption they want to use to protect their data, making RBackup the most secure backup software available. Encryption schemes available include two forms of DES (56 bits and 168 bits Triple DES), three forms of AES (128, 192 and 256 bits) and 448 bits variable-key Blowfish. Clients can also enter their own encryption key, or they can use RBackup's key generator. The key generator creates "statistically perfect" encryption keys that are much more secure than human users can create.

“RBS continues to provide its customers with the highest levels of data protection and security while minimizing the management and cost headaches typically associated with backup,” said Rob Cosgrove, RBS CEO. “By empowering users with CDP functionality as part of their overall backup strategy, we are able to provide reduced backup windows while enabling full restores on the fly. Advanced encryption schemes, virtually limitless granularity and customizable retention policies position RBackup as an all-inclusive remote backup solution for any sized business.”

RBackup with CDP can be configured for archiving purposes to help satisfy data retention policies and compliance regulations. Backed up changes are designed to never overwrite previously saved files. Users define when files are no longer needed, enabling the system to delete files in a backup set by a period of time or by a set number of backup versions stored on the server. Each retention period can be set based on the type of file being retained. Advanced find options provide users with an e-discovery capability by searching archived file and folder names for text strings.

RBackup supports full, incremental, differential and sub-file backups of client data sets, and offers unparalleled security, version control, and ease of use. The products also maintain a quickly restorable data set within a client’s secure LAN. CDP functionality is offered as an integrated feature in RBackup and will be available as a subscription-based service from RBS’ network of remote backup service providers. More information is available online at

About Remote Backup Systems Inc.
Remote Backup Systems, Inc. is the global leader in providing turnkey online backup software solutions to businesses and IT Service providers. Through their network of licensees, the company supports over 1.5 million daily computer backups around the world. RBS defines success as providing leading edge functionality, best-in-class customer support, and an unwavering commitment to product quality and customer satisfaction. With a 20-year history in Internet backup technologies, RBS is headquartered outside of Memphis, Tennessee.

For more information visit RBS online at


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