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Online Backup Provider MyOtherDrive Offers Unattended Backup & Encryption

Cliff Boodoosingh on December 22, 2008
Dec.22, 2008-DAYTON, OHIO -- Online backup and online file sharing solutions provider has announced that it now offers automated unattended backup and additional encryption safety features.

Unattended Data Backup

The 'set it and forget it' style unattended scheduled backup service allows customers to backup their important files automatically. To automatically backup files on a regularly scheduled basis, computer users simply choose the folders they want backed up from within their MyOtherDrive account control panel.  Their data is then automatically copied into specially designated folders on subscribers with a $4.99 per month Pro 100 account have access to the automated data backup feature, as well as 100 gigabytes of backup space.

"Most people know they should back up their data -- and even want to, but the problem is finding an easy way to back up -- and then remembering to do it! With MyOtherDrive, users can choose the day or days of the week, as well as the time of day that is best for them, and their data will be automatically backed up for them," said John DeRegnaucourt, president of

MyOtherDrive's unattended backup feature can backup multiple files and subfolders. Users simply choose the folders and subfolders they want to backup and the service automatically creates the same subfolders on their account.

The unattended backup feature includes an important time-saving feature that drastically reduces the time it takes to backup files. By backing up only files that have changed since the last backup, there is no wasted time in recopying unchanged data.

Once the backup is complete, customers receive an email with the results, including how much data was backed up, how many bytes were sent, and how many files were skipped because changes weren't necessary. Included in the email is a link to their account page where they can see exactly which files were updated.

Encryption Safety

Computer users need not be concerned about the privacy or protection of their data on MyOtherDrive. All files can be encrypted with AES 128-bit encryption.

"The data is actually encrypted on the client's computer before it ever reaches MyOtherDrive. Our servers then store data in an encrypted format -- no one can decrypt them except the customer. Since the encryption is done on the subscriber’s PCs, only he or she can see or retrieve the original file," DeRegnaucourt said.

This can be especially helpful to those with sensitive data that cannot risk being seen by anyone else. Like the unattended backup feature, encryption is available to subscribers with a Pro 100 account or higher. also offers free backup accounts with storage of up to 5GB.

About is a leading online file sharing, online photo sharing and backup storage-solutions provider offering online file storage, backup capabilities, and public file sharing to its customers.

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