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Online Backup Provider, MyOtherDrive, Introduces New Desktop Client

Cliff Boodoosingh on March 05, 2009
MyOtherDrive, a Provider of Industry-Leading Online Backup and Online Storage Options, Has Introduced Their New Desktop Client Application

March 4, 2009- DAYTON, Ohio--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Online backup and online storage company MyOtherDrive has introduced a Desktop Client to their already full offering with unattended backup, encryption, private sharing, and collaboration.

The Desktop Client permits users to run the file storage application inside or outside the web browser - however the customer prefers. The benefit to running outside the browser is less memory is required and there is no need to launch a web browser first. Users can simply launch the application just as they would use their favorite word processor. The new Desktop Client application runs on a Mac or Windows PC and offers the same feature set as when running in the web browser.

The Desktop Client features 128-bit AES encryption for the security conscious. All files are encrypted on the customerís computer before being transmitted to MyOtherDrive. This ensures no one but the customer can read their files. The new Desktop Client also supports features for public and private sharing. MyOtherDrive has a unique system for controlling the audience that has access to important files. Users can share files publicly or privately to a group of people, including a single user.

From within the new Desktop Client the customer can control the automated backup parameters including scheduling the time that the backup runs. The automated online backup system will then run as a scheduled task, automatically sending new and changed files to the userís online storage account. This ensures data is stored offsite and is safe from fire, water, or electrical damage that can ruin computers and USB drives.

MyOtherDrive customers can copy files between accounts with other users. This feature is unique to MyOtherDrive allowing users to collaborate and share files easily between online storage accounts. With this feature users can allow other people to copy or move files from their account. All of this is done without incurring the cost of another download and upload. This makes it easy to coordinate file sharing and collaboration with remote teams.

In addition, MyOtherDrive is a foremost leader in online photo sharing. MyOtherDrive is designed to hold virtually any file types, including pictures, videos and music to be shared with anyone the customer wants. And with MyOtherDriveís elite security features, customers can be assured the album wonít fall into the wrong hands and create Internet embarrassment.

While other backup services such as HP Upline, Yahoo! Briefcase, and AOLís XDrive have closed, MyOtherDrive continues to provide new features, reliable online backup and file sharing services at competitive prices. MyOtherDrive is a veteran of the online storage business, backing up computers for customers since 2005. For more information, visit

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