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Online Backup Provider, AmeriVault Expands Data Protection Suite with Email Continuity

Cliff Boodoosingh on January 21, 2008
 Email Backup, Recovery, Archiving and Continuity Provide SMBs One Stop Shop

 Jan. 21, 2008- WALTHAM, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--AmeriVault, a leading provider of remote online data backup, offsite storage, and recovery services, today announced the availability of Email Continuity as an expansion of its email and instant message archiving suite under the AmeriVault-EM brand. This latest offering will provide small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) with an affordable contingency plan to continue their messaging communication in the event of an interruption.

Email Continuity provides on-demand email services to users with the ability to continue send and receive activity should the primary email application fail. When bundled with AmeriVault’s email archiving service, users will also have access to previously sent and received messages.

“Email is truly the ‘killer application,’ as it is the most widely used communications tool in any corporate enterprise. That said, email downtime translates into decreased productivity and, ultimately, a negative impact to the business,” said Bud Stoddard, CEO of AmeriVault. “As part of any overall business continuity or disaster recovery plan, Email Continuity eliminates the time and costs associated with recovering email data to continue service during an outage and allows users to access email over the Internet from anywhere in the world.”

“Osterman Research estimates that the average employee is 25% less productive during email downtime, but this can be as high as 100% for some users who rely upon email to get their work done,” said Michael Osterman, founder of Osterman Research. “Multiplying productivity loss by the amount of downtime results in substantial financial impact, not to mention the significant negative impact imposed upon stakeholders, customers, partners and suppliers. Just like email should be archived to defend against litigation and to protect an organization from non-compliance with the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP), it should also have a continuity plan to avoid the risk of financial loss from email downtime.”

AmeriVault offers multiple solutions to manage protection of email and instant messaging. With online backup, email is automatically backed up and secured offsite. Restores can be done online down to the message level with a few mouse clicks or larger volumes are returned via portable disk devices for disaster recovery. With email and instant message archiving, AmeriVault provides the flexibility of a fully compliant version complete with surveillance, robust e-discovery tools and non-alterable WORM storage or an economical version to satisfy basic search and governance needs.

“Most SMBs forgo email continuity because it’s time consuming and expensive to implement and maintain a solution that is home grown; yet many will admit that when email is down, the business is down. The Email Continuity service is quickly implemented with no hardware and enables administrators to switch over at the push of a button,” continued Stoddard.

About AmeriVault

Founded in 1998, AmeriVault is a recognized leader in managed data protection and offsite storage services, including online backup, disk-based recovery, high availability, email archiving, and data lifecycle solutions. Backed by a SAS 70 (Type II) certification, AmeriVault’s solutions employ aggressive security and redundancy safeguards while ensuring business continuity, seamless disaster recovery, and regulatory compliance.

Whether data requires continuous data protection or data archiving, AmeriVault’s solutions are tailored according to data value, lifecycle, regulated attributes, and recovery objectives, as well as desired redundancies and price points.

AmeriVault combines the highest levels of customer service, premium solutions, award-winning software, and secure world-class datacenters to deliver Excellence in Data Protection.®

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