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Online Backup News: The growing problem of email storage

Cliff Boodoosingh on June 09, 2009
Organizations today are beginning to see a growing problem when it comes to email storage and management, and this problem promises to grow in size and complexity over the next few years.

15 years ago, managing corporate email wasnít that big of a deal. People were still communicating primarily through fax, phone, and mail. And email was seen as just another tool to speed up communications between offices and companies.

Also, email attachments were less common. And when emails were sent with attachments, the attachments were usually smaller. At this time, it wasnít practical for people to produce their own videos and images, or to include them in any documents or presentations.
But times certainly have certainly changed.

With the advent of video ant higher bandwidth speeds, email attachments have been getting larger. Also, as employees have become more comfortable with technology, email has now emerged as the primary means of business communications.

As you can imagine, this can cause many problems when dealing with the management and protection of corporate mail servers.
These servers are now getting bigger, and their data storage is growing at a rate never seen before. And as it get bigger, this information also becomes harder to deal with.

Also, as it gets bigger, this email data will become more important over time. We are now moving towards a more computerized business environment where itís very likely that your company may become the subject of a lawsuit in the future that will require disclosure of these historical emails. When this happens, you need a rapid discovery and disclosure process in place.

If someone approached you and asked you to disclose an email that you had written 10 years ago, how long would it take you to find it?
Now imagine if you were the CIO or President of a company with 500 employees, and someone asked you the same question. You can see how this situation can get very complex.

Thatís why email archiving helps you store, manage, categorize and search through large amounts of archival email data for compliance and litigation.

There is a wide range of email archiving solutions available today, and sites like make it easier to find vendors, and get more information on how to protect your corporate email, and manage it more efficiently.

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