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Online Backup News: The Cost of Interruptions

Cliff Boodoosingh on April 28, 2009
On a good day, your company runs like a well-oiled machine.

You focus on normal maintenance tasks associated with keeping the network functioning properly. Backing up the network is a part of daily maintenance that must not be compromised if the integrity of the network is to remain intact.

When it comes to discussing backups, many IT pros and small business owners will tell you “Pffft.... Not a big deal. I’ll do it in-house. It only takes a few minutes of my day.”

Well it’s not quite that simple.

Manual backups also have an overhead cost associated with them that should be figured into the operating costs. Case studies have shown that when a person is interrupted, it can take 30 minutes for the brain to get back to the original task at hand.

Imagine an IT manager being interrupted just once per day to perform a manual back up. In a month, that adds up to 15 hours of wasted, unproductive time.

What is the monetary value of 15 hours of productive for one of your employees? Answer this one for yourself, and you’ll begin to see why premium fully-automated backup solutions are gaining such popularity.

Online Storage Solutions
The answer to these interruptions lies in having an automatic, continuous backup solution running in the background. There are many SaaS companies that provide online backup storage, complete with encryption and direct connection options.

These backup solutions offer an automated service and offsite storage of data which in effect almost makes daily backups a non-issue for most IT departments. Combine this with the ability to access and restore data quickly and efficiently, and the IT department now has more time to complete other maintenance tasks.

In addition to saving the time and money, online backup and storage provides for continuous protection which simply put allows users to have their files backed up remotely every time they save. And everything happens seamlessly in the background. 

Online Backup Makes Dollars and Sense
There are other costs associated with traditional manual backup as well. In addition to wasting productive time, the chances have now increased that there could be errors or file omissions from the backup. (After all, human error is the leading cause of critical data loss)
In smaller companies, the productive cost-savings in a single month can often pay for an entire year’s worth of online backup.

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Sumo Backup provides Windows Online Backup that’s designed with the needs of small business in mind. It’s robust, fast and secure. Yet it’s still easy and fully-automated.

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