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Online Backup News: Denver Post Taken Down By Virus

Cliff Boodoosingh on June 30, 2009
Data Security Podcast recently reported that the Denver Post had their site infected with malware. According to DSP, over 137 pages had been tested over a period of 90 days, resulting in about 44 pages attempting to download malicious content onto user systems without their consent.

These types of “Drive-By Download” attacks are amongst the fastest-growing means of spreading malicious software and viruses.
Unfortunately for content-providers like Denver Post - who rely heavily on repeat visitors as a primary source of income - these types of attacks also have the effect of destroying trust in the company and alienating long-time readers.

Since then, it appears that the site has fixed the problem... but not before the damage had already been done. As the web becomes more standardized, more companies are becoming reliant on CMS applications such as Joomla and Wordpress to automate the management and delivery of their online content.

One unfortunate side effect is that hackers now have full access to the source code of your corporate CMS, enabling them to potentially find & exploit holes in your web site.

There are a few ways that you can you can protect your company from these types of attacks. First, get in touch with your webmaster and make sure that you have all of the latest updates and patches for your CMS, and that all of your file permissions and security settings are properly configured.

Second, make sure that you have an automated way of exporting a “versioned” daily backups from your CMS database. This will ensure that you can restore quickly, with minimal service interruption or data loss.

Web sites are high-priority targets for hackers. There’s no way to completely eliminate the threat, but at least you can prepare yourself to act quickly in anticipation of an attack.

As an end-user, you also have a responsibility to proactively protect your data. Make sure you have a fully automated online backup system to protect you from these types of attacks.

Who knows... the next virus you catch might come from your favourite and most trusted web site.

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