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Online Backup Leader, Carbonite, Appoints RAYnetworks as Philippines Distributor

Cliff Boodoosingh on September 11, 2007
Boston, MA; Cagayan De Oro, Philippines (PRWEB) September 10, 2007 -- Carbonite, Inc. continued the expansion of its international reach as it announced the appointment of RAYnetworks Inc. as its Philippines distributor.

Carbonite Online PCBackup™ is the leading consumer backup service in the United States and Canada. The product is now available for purchase in the Philippines from RAYnetworks at 2,750 pesos (including GST) for a one-year subscription or 4,950 pesos for two years. An unlimited storage 15-day free online trial, with no credit card required, is also available at The trial can be extended to 30 days, with two free months of subscription on purchase, by entering the Offer Code ‘pinoy’ when registering for the trial.

 After the Asian launch of Carbonite in Singapore a month ago, the appointment of a distributor in Philippines is another important step for Carbonite’s growth in the Asia Pacific region 
Carbonite installs with just a few clicks and runs quietly in the background, continuously backing up all data files. It is completely automatic – once installed, Carbonite finds all new and changed files and continues to back them up whenever the PC is connected to the Internet. Storage capacity is unlimited – users never outgrow their Carbonite subscription no matter how much data they have. Carbonite never interferes with the speed of the user’s PC or Internet browsing. Data is encrypted before leaving the local computer and is transmitted to Carbonite’s secure data center using HTTPS (SSL) for total privacy.

“After the Asian launch of Carbonite in Singapore a month ago, the appointment of a distributor in Philippines is another important step for Carbonite’s growth in the Asia Pacific region,” said Floyd Bradley, Carbonite’s EVP International. “We are delighted to be partnering with RAYnetworks to bring Carbonite to the Philippines market.”

Managing Director of RAYnetworks Juner Yanez said, “Carbonite is the missing link to complete our delivery of network-oriented services. From securing data from the back end, or data center, to securing data at the front end, or user data, Carbonite makes this solution entirely possible. RAYnetworks can now ensure the safety of our customers’ data any time. Carbonite is a user-friendly, affordable and non-intrusive solution.”

About Carbonite

Since 2005, Carbonite has backed up more than one billion files and restored over 100 million files for clients. Carbonite has a large data center where capacity is now measured in petabytes. There are Carbonite users in 91 countries.

Carbonite’s philosophy is to make backup as simple and automatic as possible. Hard drive failures affect up to 13 percent of all PC users each year, according to a recent Carnegie-Mellon University report. Add to that risk the rampant loss and theft of laptops, accidental destruction, and inadvertent data erasures and you have a problem that affects 2/3 of all computer users.

Carbonite’s industry-first offer of unlimited backup space for a flat price ($49.95 per year) revolutionized the market for consumer and small business backup services. Carbonite defied the conventional industry practice of giving away free-forever limited-space trial accounts and instead adopted a limited-time unlimited-capacity trial. The cost of free-forever limited-space accounts must eventually be borne by paying customers, and Carbonite is committed to providing the best price and value for paying subscribers. Also, the company eschews the complexity of multi-function products that offer photo-sharing, remote access, archiving, etc., believing that such features are widely available in many other online products (most of which are free) and create unacceptable security risks for users.

Carbonite is available online at and through leading retail stores and resellers such as Staples and CompUSA. Carbonite subscriptions are also included in other software products, such as Microsoft Money.

Carbonite was founded in 2005 by serial-entrepreneurs David Friend and Jeff Flowers. The company has raised approximately $22 million in venture capital.

For more information, please visit

About RAYnetworks

RAYnetworks, Inc. is a research and development company with a focus on network integration, security and cost efficiency. RAYnetworks’ mission is to lead the Filipino people in the development of the IT industry by providing quality services, connectivity solutions and training through continuous innovations. The company’s core strengths are service orientation, rapid turn-around time to customers, reliability of service, affordability and professional Certified Service Engineers. RAYnetworks has been in the IT market since the mid 1990's with a Philippine-wide coverage that includes two offices in Luzon (Manila and Calabarzon), two offices in Visayas (Cebu and Bohol) and one office in Mindanao (Cagayan De Oro). For more information, please visit


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