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Online Backup For Medical Professionals

Cliff Boodoosingh on April 14, 2009
What do medical industry professionals need to keep in mind when selecting an online backup system?

Thanks to new technological advances, medical practices are producing more digital information than ever before.  And with the movement to electronic health records, the need to meet stringent privacy and data protection regulations has increased.  This rapid increase in digital content growth and regulation brings with it more responsibility to protect this confidential patient data through internal procedures, technology and a comprehensive backup and data protection plan.

Many medical practices are turning to professionals and using online backup and recovery services.When shopping around, youíll find that there is a wide range of prices when it comes to online backup solutions. And youíll generally get what you pay for. Often, youíll find that the cheap solutions donít provide the reliability, speed or security that you require from privacy or business continuity perspectives.

 On the other hand, some high-end solutions might seem too costly for your large amounts digital imaging files that have piled up over the years. But there are work-able solutions.

Hereís one common problem: A good quality online backup service should store multiple versions of your files, allowing you to perform a point-in-time recovery in case you get a virus or accidentally save over an important file.Although your critical business files (Word Documents, Spreadsheets, etc.) might be well-suited for an online backup solution, there are other files that will never change once they are created.

For example: An X-ray or a signed document that youíve scanned will still be unchanged 3 years from now. For this reason, it would be overkill to protect these files using a robust online backup solution that provides regular periodic backups and multiple restore points.

So what can you do? Well, depending on the volume of digital imaging that youíre storing, you might be a good candidate for an archiving system. An archiving system is very similar to online backup, except that it only stores a single version of a file that never changes. This is very handy for storing things such as original photographs, old archival emails,x-rays, signed contracts, videos, etc.

If your medical practice relies heavily on digital imaging, you might have a few gigs of critical business documents that change on a regular basis, and hundreds of gigs of digital imaging files that will never change. The few gigs of critical business documents should be protected by a proven and high quality backup solution. And the digital imaging files would be much more suited to a less expensive archiving solution thatís specifically designed for this type of non-changing or rarely-accessed data.

If you run a medical practice thatís highly dependent on digital imaging or youíre moving to electronic health records, you might want to consider outsourcing your online backups to a technology provider that supplies both: online backup and archiving solutions.

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