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Online Backup Firm, Sumo Backup Takes Fun Approach To Twitter

Cliff Boodoosingh on May 12, 2009
Sumo Backup is currently running a new Twitter campaign, where followers can send in their “Data Loss Horror Stories” as Twitter posts of just 140 characters or less.

Once submitted, Sumo Backup will turn these short Twitter posts into visual illustrations that show the follower’s frustrations in dealing with their data loss incidents.

In one example, somebody named Kristin had Twitted that losing her precious critical data had made her “crazy” and “super frustrated”. As a result, Sumo Backup’s in-house artists drew Kristin as an angry person in a straight-jacket, sitting next to her crashed and burning laptop.

She thought the image was very fun, and it succeeded in cheering her up after such a bad experience.
Reaction to this new direction has been very positive, although Sumo Backup has advised that this is only a temporary campaign, and that they would soon be returning to their regular blogging format.

Anyone interested in getting their own drawings made up should consider following Sumo Backup on Twitter at All you have to do is send a response describing how it felt when you lost your data due to virus, computer crash, theft or other disasters.

Sumo Backup’s Twitter account is also a great way to stay in the loop about other future promotions and contests.

Those interested in trying out Sumo Backup’s service may also want to take a look at their PC online backup service. Also, make sure to visit their Data Loss Horror Stories blog.

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