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Online Backup Firm, Spare Backup & Catch Media Expand Partnership

Cliff Boodoosingh on August 16, 2010

Partnership to Power Carphone Warehouse's My Hub and Music Anywhere Offerings

LONDON & PALM DESERT, Calif., Aug 16, 2010 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Spare Backup  (SPBU) today announces that it has partnered with Catch Media Inc. to embed Catch Media's Play Anywhere(R) platform within SPBU's current data-locker backup product suite. This is the first rollout of an integrated product furthering the strategic relationship announced in June 2010. Carphone Warehouse's customers can access their music collections legally and effortlessly from their mobile phones and on the web through My Hub wherever they are, in addition to having their photos, contacts and files backed up safely.

Catch Media's Play Anywhere(R) platform provides total convenience to the consumer allowing them to enjoy their music on their mobile device and on the web. Backed by licenses from major and independent record labels, Play Anywhere(R) offers consumers, for the first time, a legal and simple way to enjoy their music collection seamlessly across multiple devices.

Cery Perle, Chairman of Spare Backup, explains, "This is a very compelling new offering and will be extremely useful to our customers. Once we have backed up and secured a user's data, people will be able to pull their favorite music out of the 'cloud' and have access to their content on their cell phone wherever they are. This strategically important partnership with Catch Media adds a wholly new dimension to data backup and storage. Not only is a user's content safely secured at another location from their home or office, this added value will enable them to gain access to their music content when they are away on vacation or even during down time during the day.

"Adding the functionality of Music Anywhere to data-backup is a logical step for us and also eliminates the need for users to carry multiple devices to access their music content. We are very pleased to have entered into an agreement with Catch Media back in June, and look forward to the recent in store launch of 'My Hub' through Carphone Warehouse. Both companies look forward to bringing other leading services, along with new partners, to the market soon."

"We are excited to be working with Spare Backup to offer consumers the best of both worlds, the safety and security of backed up files with the ease and portability of their music collections. Catch Media wants to provide the same convenience and ease that consumers have come to expect when accessing their money from ATM machines. Just as consumers expect to be able to get their money when and where they want, consumers also want to be able to enjoy their music when and where they want, and by partnering with Spare Backup, we are excited to be able to provide this solution to consumers. We think Spare Backup is an ideal partner for us and are looking forward to working with the company on what we are convinced will be the first of many interesting announcements this year," commented Yaacov Ben-Yaacov, CEO of Catch Media Inc.

About Catch Media, Inc.

Catch Media has developed Play Anywhere(R), a patented business-to-business registry, routing, tracking and clearinghouse platform. Developed by digital pioneers who brought the convenience of mass market photo sharing to the Internet, Play Anywhere(R) provides convenience for the consumer and profitability to industry partners. With key relationships with the major and independent record labels as well as backing by leading broadcast companies and Hollywood talent agencies, Carphone Warehouse's My Hub Music Anywhere offering marks the beginning of a global rollout of the Play Anywhere(R) platform.

About Spare Backup, Inc.

Spare Backup, Inc. specializes in helping consumers, small office/home office users and small to mid-sized businesses protect their computer data quickly, automatically and cost-effectively. The company's flagship Spare Backup product is the first totally automated online backup service that intelligently selects, secures and stores files without any user intervention, automatically backing up documents, email, music, photos and other PC files on a continuous basis or according to the schedule of the user's choice. The company recently has launched a suite of services in consumer cloud computing. The company is headquartered in Palm Desert, California.

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