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Online Backup Firm Encourages Data Backup This Hurricane Season

Cliff Boodoosingh on July 01, 2009
( - (Memphis, TN) The 2009 Hurricane season has officially begun. Global weather patterns are imposing a greater uncertainty in this hurricane season outlook than in recent years. Forecasters predict a 70 percent chance of having anywhere from nine to fourteen named storms, of which four to seven could become hurricanes, including as many as three major hurricanes.

With an unpredictable storm season being forecast, backing up critical data has become increasingly urgent for both businesses and home computer users.

Traditionally, tape backups have always been an inexpensive and simple method, used most often by small and medium-sized businesses looking to save money. However, in recent times the cost of online backup has become an affordable option with benefits that far outweigh the limitations of tape backup.

“Tape involves many manual processes and is a comparatively fragile storage medium. Combine these two factors and you have a recipe for disappointment,” said Rob Cosgrove, founder and CEO of Remote Backup Systems. “Even with the best tape backup software, someone has to administer the processes, handle the tapes, and ensure that they are taken to a safe, offsite location each night. Many times, there is a breakdown in one or more of these components that renders the backups useless in the event that the facility is damaged.”

Remote Backup Systems, the founders of the online backup industry and developers of the RBackup and Mercury OEM Online Backup platforms urge businesses and home computer users in hurricane susceptible areas to properly insure their data with a reliable backup service.

“Our website is a great knowledge bank for information about online backup and the importance of performing consistent, secure backups. There you can also find a service provider through our Remote Backup Services Network, “said Cosgrove. “The Service Providers in our network use the latest technology and software, and can offer you the highest level of protection for your valuable computer data.”

Cosgrove points out how devastating the loss of computer data can be. “Thousands of businesses have permanently closed due to the loss of vital data. Nearly half of businesses that are hit by a natural disaster do not survive. Proper data backup practices that are automatic, secure and stored in an offsite location are essential, not only in the event of a natural disaster, but also in case of fire, computer failure, hackers, and about a dozen other reasons.”

For more information, visit Remote Backup Systems website:

About Remote Backup Systems Inc.
Remote Backup Systems, Inc. offers turnkey Online Backup solutions starting at $500, capable of serving hundreds of thousands of end users. RBS is the global leader in providing turnkey online backup software solutions to MSPs, VARs, ISPs and Managed Hosting Providers, providing leading edge functionality, best-in-class customer support, and an unwavering commitment to product quality and customer satisfaction. With a twenty-one year history in Remote Backup technologies, RBS is headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee, USA.

If you would like more information, or to schedule an interview with Rob Cosgrove, please phone Elizabeth Greenup at (901) 388-5988 or email

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