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Online Backup Firm Announces Solutions for Civil Gov't & Agencies

Cliff Boodoosingh on August 11, 2010
CALABASAS, Calif., Aug. 10 /PRNewswire/ -- Management of critical information systems across public sectors and services is a challenge for Civil Government bodies. They need comprehensive data management for secure backup, coupled with disaster recovery and historical data view. Traditionally, government agencies have relied on tape-based back up. However, it is cumbersome, time consuming and does not guarantee complete recovery of data. It also runs the risk of compromising confidential and critical government information.

"The IBackup ( integrated online backup and storage solution is designed to meet specific requirements of civil government and agencies. It automatically backs up critical data and allows you to schedule backups and restores at your convenience. All data is compressed and encrypted during transmission (and stored encrypted - optional) while block level patching - where only the modified portion of data is transferred after initial backup - ensures optimal bandwidth utilization," says Raghu K., President and CEO of IBackup.

Main Features provided are:

   1. Disaster Recovery - a comprehensive Disaster Recovery (DR) and Hot Sites Solution. You can setup a full replica of critical data from one site onto another physical location that can scale.
   2. Multi-Year Archive - a flexible multi-year or any parameter based full copy of data for future use.
   3. Web-based access to your account - browser access including drag-n-drop for folders, sharing and direct edit options.
   4. Folders and Sub-Accounts - Sub-Accounts to map specific folders to individual accounts; can be used for data sharing with fine grained access control or for backing up multiple computers with data from each PC mapped to a specific Sub-Account.
   5. Backups across platforms and databases - Open file backup, Exchange Server, MS SQL Server and Oracle Server Database backups. You can backup data on the Windows, Linux and Mac platforms.

More details are available on IBackup is also an established General Services Administration (GSA) approved vendor.

About IBackup:

IBackup (, a service of Pro Softnet Corp., is one of the leading services in the field of online backup and combined with IDrive ( and RemotePC ( offers comprehensive remote backup and remote access solutions. IBackup has received of many accolades among which the latest was the best of the bunch as rated by PC World magazine and has in the past been the PC Magazine editor's choice pick and the PC Pro award winner.

Further information on the product/services can be seen at


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