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On the Line with SurDoc

Cliff Boodoosingh, Editor-in-Chief on March 19, 2012
SurDoc's ( Marketing Director, Suzanne Duris is quick to point out that high fidelity online sharing, a robust platform and amazing technology make the company a formidable competitor.

 OBR: Online backup and data storage is a very competitive space now. How does a new player like SurDoc make an impact in the field?

    SD: It all comes down to product and solving our users' pains. I just spoke with an analyst recently and she indicated that she was watching 8 cloud storage companies for the past year. But, within 4 months, a dozen new players have  arisen. Those players are a mix of startups and established companies. We know that the consumer space is very congested so we have focused on mobile workers - actually anyone who might not be in the office at all or in the office a short period of time - but needs to be productive and have all their files at their fingertips and be able to edit and sign documents. In addition to mobile workers, we focus on the small medium business, government employees and tech-savvy individuals. Later in the year, we will be focusing on commercial and enterprise plays plus we have a lot of new features that is going to make our portal more and more awesome.

    OBR: Was there something lacking in the market that prompted SurDoc to enter or is this sector just very appealing? 

    SD: A few things. First, there is no complete cloud computing solution on the market. There are companies that offer cloud storage and collaboration - like Dropbox, etc - and there are companies like Docusign and Echosign (now part of Adobe) - that offer signing in the cloud but nothing else. People had to go to multiple locations to be able to back up, read, share, edit and sign documents. SurDoc combines all these nifty things into one solution, in one location. Second, SurDoc has an amazing technology - thanks to more than 100 patents that enable us to keep costs down and make our product more robust. One example of this robustness is that SurDoc offers high fidelity online sharing. That means that your original document that you created will have the same look and feel across all devices you use to access that document. Third, because of our technology, which we have trade-named VisiDoc, you don't have to worry about different document storage formats, with different versions, you are looking at the same document format and are able to do all these amazing things without worrying about formats and whether people you are collaborating with can view your documents. It's the same format and it's that simple. Last, the cloud storage prices have been so high and even our competitors cannot provide a lot of storage for their users for free - so you end up with small storage accounts or larger storage accounts but only free for a limited time. SurDoc's free 10GB storage account is the largest free storage on the market, next to Microsoft's SkyDrive, which is 25GB.

    OBR: When it comes to product/service offerings, what should customers know about SurDoc as  they compare plans from Amazon, Mozy, or Carbonite.

    SD: With SurDoc, you are getting a complete solution where you can back up, read, share, edit and sign your files. Users can get a free 10GB storage account today. This is the largest free storage account on the market that has  these free features that can be utilized in one location today. In addition, you don't need an app, plugin or additional software to access SurDoc. All you need to do is go to via any modern browser like IE, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome and connect via your laptop, tablet, smart phone or desktop and you are in business. Whether you are accessing via PC, Mac, Linux, it doesn't matter, you have access.

    OBR: What will customers obtain at SurDoc that's not available anywhere else?

    SD: Users will gain productivity - they will have access to a free 10GB storage account and besides documents, they can access their audio and video files, too. They can work on their files in their SurDoc account anytime, anywhere. Users will gain ease of use - all they need to do is access SurDoc via a modern web browser connected to any desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone, no apps, plugins or additional software is necessary. It is fast - files are backed up in real time, access is fast and any editing or signing is fast. Data is secure - we use SSL encryption in file transfer and AES-128 bit encryption with file storage. Data is safe - we use redundant servers and keep three copies  of data at all times - two online and one offline - in the event of disc failure.

    OBR: In December 2012, what goals will SurDoc have accomplished? In January 2013, what goals or business objectives will be set?

    SD:  By the end of 2012, some of things we have planned include: bi-direction synching, cloud drive, a document share feature with powerful rights management, version management, self-certificated visual signature, cloud document storage for third party storage (you can store documents in your SurDoc account that you have stored with another cloud storage provider) and search. We also plan another round of funding and because of that, we will be working very closely with our investors in setting objectives for 2013.


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