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Newcomer Launches Online Backup Client

Cliff Boodoosingh on November 14, 2008
COPENHAGEN, DENMARK, November 14, 2008 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Newcomer in the fast growing online storage industry,, is now finally releasing their much awaited backup client that lets users backup their computers in an easy and efficient manner.

The Copenhagen based company,, was founded in February 2007 and was airborne in May 2008 with the first version of their Online Desktop, Kazabra. Until now the users has been able to upload and categorize all their photos, films, documents and music files with a simple login to the website. The service allows 1 GB of storage for free or a Kazabra Pro version which can be extended from 10 GB and up.

If you're used to backup your important files, you're probably familiar with a traditional program with traditional yellow folders. Maybe you compress your files and burn them onto DVDs or perhaps you have an external hard drive, where you copy your computer's content at regular intervals. wanted to create an online backup solution that contains more than just a mirror of your computer's content. "When we move the files on the Internet, we might as well make them available to our users, wherever they are," explains Sales Manager Jesper Jorgensen, "It will increase people's motivation to backup, so it becomes a daily or weekly routine." The system also includes a media center, so the customer can see his pictures and films and listen to his music everywhere.

The fiber network is in the focus at Kazabra and the company has, despite their short time on the market, already concluded agreements with 2 major Danish fiber network companies. Although Kazabra's backup system can function on any Internet connection, the fiber network has one big advantage. It is the high upload speed. The fiber network can send files from the computer to the Internet with the same speed as you are used to download files. This means that the time Internet backup takes is very similar to the time we normally use to copy to an external hard drive, and it will be faster than a normal DVD backup.


Online Backup
- Music
- Pictures
- Movies
- Documents
- Data

User-friendly panel .
Access anywhere via the Internet .
Own personal blog .
Several services on the way.

Facts fiber net

High-speed Internet.
Both download and upload.

Bring your photos, music, films, documents, and blogs to life. And share it with your family and friends. Learn photo editing that matches your everyday needs. Get safe PC-habits... Kazabra has plenty of space for you and all the things you do!


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