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New Viral Video Series From Online Backup Firm, Storagepipe

Cliff Boodoosingh on June 16, 2010
After the success of the recent “Did You Know” viral video, Storagepipe Solutions has launched a new series of short educational videos aimed at explaining the benefits of business data protection.

The new series, entitled “What If”, explores the roles of different IT decision makers and company executives...  and how their lives are affected by different problems relating to corporate data protection.

Two of the most notable videos revolve around the stories of Eric and Fred.
Fred’s story shows the problems that can arise when a company is trying to manage the backups for large team of mobile employees that operate from many different remote locations. This shows the key benefits of their small business and server backup solutions.

Eric’s story shows the devastating effects of unplanned downtime. This is meant to demonstrate the benefits of their business continuity services.

So far, Storagepipe has produced four videos and the series.  And it will be expanding the series as its video channel becomes more developed.

To see all of the latest new releases from Storagepipe’s video series, you can visit there you to video channel located here:

And for more information about Storagepipe and their product offerings, you can visit their corporate web site at

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