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New Online Backup and Data Recovery Service Launched

Cliff Boodoosingh on April 16, 2008
Backup 4 Less is a newly launched, online backup and data recovery solution for personal and corporate information. The new company - which is also announcing its new Web site, -- is a division of 4 Less Communications, Inc.

Chatsworth, Calif. (PRWEB) April 16, 2008 -- Backup 4 Less is a newly launched, online backup ( and data recovery ( solution for personal and corporate information, offering Enterprise-Level Dependability. The company - which is also announcing its new Web site, - is a division of 4 Less Communications, Inc., which already operates Hosting 4 and Dialup 4

Backup 4 Less will give its users an inexpensive, viable option for backing up information. It is simple enough for the small-to-medium-sized office, yet powerful enough for a Fortune 500 company, said Eric Holtzman, company president. Users will also find the friendly customer support offered by the firm to be an important attribute as well.

"What sets us apart from some of our competitors in the marketplace is our focus on customer service, and the fact we don't outsource any of our customer service to other countries," Holtzman said. "We also own and operate our own facilities and data center."

Additionally, Holtzman said, the software is very user-friendly - and heavily guards user privacy. There are strict guidelines in place to ensure that each off-site data backup will be transferred and stored in a secure and safe environment.

"People have privacy concerns, understandably," Holtzman said. "You pick your encryption key. Only you know it. It's not replaceable, and none of our staff - or anyone else - has access to your data." This added protection will assist customers, and comply with many federal regulations such as HIPPA.

Storage space ranges from 10 GB to 25 GB - depending on the package chosen. For customers who require more space, the company offers customized plans to suit businesses of all sizes. Backup 4 Less supports Microsoft Exchange , SQL Server, Mac (OS X), and Linux operating systems.

The company's backup client enables the IT department to better control the nightly backup of employees' work stations, laptops in the field, desktops and in-house network servers.

Utilizing the system is a simple, three-step process.

* Signup with Backup 4 Less -- Download and install the small Backup 4 Less client on your computer.

* Make Your Selection -- Use the Backup 4 Less client to select your files, folders and applications for backup. Select a time or schedule you would like Backup 4 Less to backup the selected files.

* We Take Care of the Rest -- According to your schedule, Backup 4 Less automatically scans for changes to the selected files. It compresses and encrypts the files, using an encryption key created by you. It then sends the files securely via SSL technology to one of our data centers. Restoring your data is just as easy. Just select the folders or files you would like to retrieve. Within seconds, your files start to be restored to your hard drive.

"We use only the latest, cutting-edge hardware and software to give you superior performance with minimal downtime," Holtzman said. "Backup 4 Less' robust, reliable network features Dell PowerEdge high-speed servers, Cisco network hardware, and multiple fiber optic connections to the Internet backbone."

About Backup 4 Less

Backup 4 Less was conceived with one primary goal: to become a leader in the arena of remote online backup solutions and data recovery for personal and corporate data. Backup 4 Less is a sister company to Hosting 4 Less. Our parent company is 4 Less Communications, Inc. Our mission is simple: to provide both personal- and business-computer users a remote online data backup solution with the same quality service and competitive pricing that we have been providing to our web-hosting customers since 1998. Backup 4 Less is housed in the same facility as Hosting 4 Less. Hosting 4 Less owns, operates and maintains its own data center, which allows the company to be in control of almost every facet of the backup process. All of the company's key core personnel are professionals who have years of experience in the Internet industry.

Users can learn more about Backup 4 Less data backup, and can signup for a free trial. Please visit the company at

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