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Mozy, a Berkeley Data Systems solution, is a secure, automatic remote backup service for any PC. Their online backup service is simple to install and configure, with no need for external hard drives, expensive subscription services, CDís or DVDís to burn. Users just need a broadband connection.

Mozy/Berkley Data Systems aims to ďmake simple things simple and complex things possible.Ē Mozy believes Backup should be set up once, and function automatically; that files should always be encrypted, and that a backup system should be smart enough to back up data that's not already backed up, or only parts of a file that have changed. And it should be able to back up open and locked files, as well.

Mozy Unlimited
For $4.95 per month or $54.45 per year, Mozy Unlimited gives you all the backup space you need, with the first month free. With Mozy Unlimited, you can backup all your photos, music and any other important files you have, no matter how large.

For small enterprises or large corporations, MozyPro makes PC backup affordable for any business. Itís a simple and secure way to manage and perform backups, whether you're a Fortune 100 executive, or an IT consultant servicing a few small businesses.

Josh Coates, CEO and founder of Berkeley Data Systems /
"The goal of Mozy is to be super simple for mainstream users but also offer power users advanced functionality. Mozy has always been free, automatic, and secure; and now Mozy is unlimited for $4.95 a month."

Data Center: MozyProís servers are located in Berkeley Data Systemsí secure 24,000 square foot world-class data center located in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Customers: Mozy has more than 200,000 consumer customers today. They have an additional 3,700 business customers using MozyPro.

Company Highlights: Mozy obtains multimillion-dollar contract to provide General Electric Co. with file backup software. Read story

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