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Moonwalk Delivers Backup/Restore Replacement with Futuristic Approach to Online Data Reacquisition

Cliff Boodoosingh on August 27, 2007
August 27, 2007- MILTON, Australia--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Moonwalk Inc., the Australian developer of all-inclusive data management and protection software, today unveiled a powerful new capability to replace enterprise backup and restore with a combination of policy operations to secure primary data, assure uptime, drastically reduce the backup window and eliminate the “restore window.”

Building on and integrating with Moonwalk 6.0’s advanced data management capabilities, Moonwalk’s copy function manages the backup of data from desktops and servers to any centralized location. Data on any server can be copied to any other location on the network, such as a secondary on-site server for automated failover and quick local retrieval, or a tertiary off-site disk storage device. Moonwalk makes it simple and efficient to back up remote servers to a central location, recover individual files or rebuild an entire server.

Because Moonwalk’s system maintains a full file-format copy of the data set, instead of a proprietary format, files can be reacquired immediately without time-consuming restore procedures. In the case of a complete hardware failure, a simple rollover keeps users up and running with DNS spoofing or deploying “round robin” load distribution.

“Instant data reacquisition provides users with a new and better restore, one that is only achievable today as disk has become the dominant means of safeguarding data,” said Peter Harvey, CEO of Moonwalk. “As a truly universal data management and protection suite, Moonwalk delivers great advantages in terms of time and budget since it displaces longer backup and restore operations that involve protracted downtime, complex rebuilds, and often a loss of revenue as data remains unavailable.”

Moonwalk achieves its data protection and reacquisition goals with minimal impact on primary servers. Many backup tools and tiered storage software use “middleware” and/or staging platforms to temporarily house data before servers direct files elsewhere on the network, creating potential points of failure where data could be lost or damaged. Moonwalk software bypasses this step, demonstrating improved resource utilization, scalability and reliability. Copies of data can still be sent to tape or other backup media as an ancillary procedure.

“In most organizations the recovery of unstructured content is a tedious process that involves retrieving data from storage media through a backup application,” said Lauren Whitehouse, analyst with the Enterprise Strategy Group. “Moonwalk-style protection is differentiated by providing rapid reacquisition of data with minimal IT intervention if any.”

When used with its file migration function, Moonwalk software reduces backup loads as well as protects data by automatically copying new and changed data based on user-defined rules concerning file metadata. Because Moonwalk software’s backup is part of a complete, sophisticated data management tool, it does not rely on common “triggers,” instead running a backup or copy function proactively without operator intervention beyond initial setup.

Enforcing standard and customized rules for backing up, moving, copying and migrating files often offloads as much as 90 percent of infrequently accessed or changed data from primary servers to less expensive hardware. Moonwalk can also identify and remove forbidden files on the network, such as MP3s, that can congest data protection systems. Through these proactive processes, Moonwalk increases efficiency, reduces expenses, and still allows for full-file format reacquisition even in the case of catastrophic failure.

Pricing and Availability

Moonwalk software costs as little as $4000 per node depending on configuration specs. For exact pricing and availability, please contact

About Moonwalk Software

Moonwalk software delivers data management with metadata-level precision for all information on network storage, servers and clients. It proactively migrates, copies and moves data according to user-defined rules and policies based on criteria such as age, size, file type, file name, file creator and many more granular classification rules. Moonwalk operates across and between all major file systems, including Windows, Unix, Linux and Netware environments, and all primary and secondary storage environments. Its stateless architecture requires minimal overhead and is completely transparent to users and applications, with no introduced points of potential failure to ensuring maximum performance and availability. With Moonwalk, applying even one simple rule of moving all files one year or older onto secondary storage can result in an immediate halving in primary storage; applying additional rules typically results in significantly higher capacity savings in some cases in the order of 90 percent.

About Moonwalk

Moonwalk, founded in 2002, has introduced the most all-inclusive data management and protection software on Earth. Moonwalk solutions are available for all major operating systems and support most storage platforms. Early adopters of Moonwalk can be found in banking, healthcare, services, distribution, education, government, research and development, aerospace, telecommunications and broadcasting industries. More information can be found at


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