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MJC Group Adds New Disaster Recovery & Backup Solution

Cliff Boodoosingh on August 18, 2010
PRLog (Press Release) – Aug 17, 2010 – Guardian disaster recovery and backup solutions from MJC Group ( provides innovative disaster recover, system migration, data protection and security solutions for servers, desktops and laptops. It offers a strategic solution for Recovery Time Objective (RTO) for businesses and the need to integrate disaster recovery planning with virtualised systems as well as centralising management of backup (

Guardian Server includes several recovery options that allow you to improve RTO by reducing the time your systems and data are offline. Guardian gives you the flexibility of choosing granular recovery of files and folders or full bare metal recovery of your server in a matter of minutes. Hardware Independent Restore (HIR) technology makes it quick and easy to recover to the same system, to dissimilar hardware or to and from virtual environments. Guardian’s HIR feature also makes system migration to new servers or consolidation to virtual environments a straightforward process.

“Business continuity is key,” said Richard Eagles, Technical Manager at MJC Group. “Having a disaster recovery plan, recovering data quickly with a minimal loss of productivity, can mean the difference between staying in business and closing your doors. That’s why backup and disaster recovery software such as Guardian can be critical for maintaining access to your Windows servers and all of the business-critical applications and data on them.”

Virtualisation Technology

Guardian Server’s virtualised technology features such as HIR with VirtualBoot technology to give administrators the ability to boot any Guardian backup image into a virtual machine using Sun VirtualBox. The backup image file can be booted into a .VMDK or .VHD format. In addition, Guardian Server can convert any Guardian backup image into a virtual machine without the need to use any third-party technology.

Centralised Management

Guardian Server includes a management console, at no additional cost, for central management of Guardian on multiple servers. IT Administrators may push an agent simultaneously to multiple machines, group servers, import or export node information or check the status of Guardian backups.
In addition, Guardian ImageManager allows administrators to verify and re-verify Guardian backup image files as well as consolidate backup image files to minimise storage usage and streamline management. Additional features are included in Guardian ImageManager Enterprise.

Recovery Features

Guardian Server also includes Resume on Interruption – the ability to continue a restore, even after it’s been halted by a power failure or other disruption. In addition, it has an updated user interface.

Guardian Server includes the following features:

•         Hardware Independent Restore (HIR)
•         Bare metal recovery
•         Granular recovery of files and folders in moments
•         Resume on Interruption
•         Central management console
•         VirtualBoot
•         Virtual converter
•         Guardian ImageManager
•         Image verification and re-verification
•         Image consolidation

“Guardian the new addition to IT Solutions, will give IT administrators flexible options for getting their systems and data back online very quickly,” said Ian Williamson, Managing Director. “Backup is easy and everyone is doing it. Restoring massive amounts of data quickly and making it accessible is the difficult part. Guardian’s advanced technology helps get businesses back online in minutes, not hours or days.”

For additional information about MJC Group’s Guardian backup and disaster recovery solution please e-mail, call 0845 2718000 or visit: .

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