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Memopal: Online Backup in Public Beta for Linux

Cliff Boodoosingh on August 20, 2008
ROME and SAN FRANCISCO, August 20 /PRNewswire/ -- The public beta version of Memopal for Linux is now downloadable. This launch was timed to almost
immediately follow the release of the MAC version. As such, it is part of a
wider strategy, the goal of which is to make Online Backup available to as
many operating systems as possible. The developers of Memopal are, in fact,
already working on software for iPhones, which will be available soon.

"Our goal is to make Online Backup available to anyone, regardless of
which operating system, device, or language they use. We are thus not ruling
out a future release of an Open Source solution or an API," said Mr. Marco
Trombetti, CEO.

The Linux version represents an opportunity to interface continuously
with users, developers and systems engineers. For this purpose, approximately
10 days ago the company set up a small community of Beta-Testers, who are
providing important feedback ( "Thanks to them,"
said Gianluca Granero, Memopal's Chief Technology Officer, "we will shortly
be able to produce a version for Linux, compatible with a wide array of
distribution networks."

The free trial is made available to anyone at:

Memopal is a backup software and online storage solution that archives
user files on a remote server. The reasons Memopal is different from other
Online Backup systems are:

A) Memopal was developed on a dedicated platform (MGFS), capable of
taking advantage of similarities between user data, thus obtaining a greater
degree of compression.

B) It performs file backup and file restore in real time.

C) It allows users to archive files from several computers on a single

D) Files are never deleted, unless specifically requested by the user
(everyone's files will be kept safe for as long as they desire).

E) Its price per GB is very competitive (less than 0.33 USD per GB per

For additional info on Memopal, visit

Contact: Davide De Guz, E-mail:


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