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Magic Softworks wins Avocent Online Backup Business

Cliff Boodoosingh on November 11, 2009
( - WESTMINSTER, CO, Nov 11, 2009 - Magic Softworks, Inc., a leading provider of low cost, easy to use online computer backup storage services, today announced that Avocent Corporation has subscribed to the Magic Softworks’ Premium Backup Service for internal use.

Magic Softworks, Inc. launched its Premium Backup Service for office desktops and mobile PCs in April 2009, enabling

IT Administrators who are responsible for deploying, maintaining and backing up in-house, remote and mobile users’ laptops, to have an easy-to-use, easy-to-administer, low-cost solution for laptop data retention and file backup and disaster recovery.

"Our Premium Backup Service fills an important role for IT Administrators who are supporting remote and mobile computing, as well as desktops in the office,” said Edwin Harper, Chairman and CEO for Magic Softworks. “We have configured this low-cost service to give the IT Administrator visibility and control over PC backups, yet a painless, virtually invisible user interface for PC users. One of the main attractions of Magic for mobile users is that it backs up their laptops when they are travelling, rather than waiting until they come back into the office. New files can be backed up when mobile users log into the Internet. Users like it because it is easy to use and works behind the scenes, while using minimum system resource. IT Administrators like it because it provides real time visibility to usage through Magic’s Management Console, including: who is using it, how much space they have used, and when they last plugged in to back up their computer.”

“Ed Harper is also Avocent’s chairman and I was quite pleased when he introduced me to the service provided by Magic. I subsequently discovered that Magic Backup could replace a leading mobile backup provider at Avocent, at a significantly lower subscription cost,” said Dan Tice, Vice President & CIO, Avocent. “During Avocent’s trial the Magic Softworks product team worked with us to ensure that Magic Backup complied with enterprise data security requirements. Once installed, we found that the overall performance of computers running Magic Backup was better than those running other solutions and the user experience promoted greater information worker productivity. Recovery and web-based access to backed-up files is seamless. Magic Backup’s lower cost, better performance, and productivity-enhancing attributes translate to measureable business value for Avocent,” said Tice.

Magic Backup’s Premium Business Service offers a simple-to-use but feature-rich web based Management Console that IT Administrators can use to manage the back-up process for any computers in the organization, including the following capabilities:

- Federated/self service provisioning of users and passwords,
- Enable/disable individual PC backups and downloads,
- Automatic backup status monitoring and email alerts,
- Management reports summarizing backup activity for all protected PCs.
- Security procedures including controlled restore access and password expiration policies.
- Data encryption on a redundant data storage system to protect from unauthorized access, but ensuring availability.

Magic Backup is simple and easy to use. The service works automatically to back up user-created files including documents, spreadsheets, email, digital pictures, videos and music. Magic Backup allows even the most casual PC users to get their data backed up with no configuration or knowledge of backup applications whatsoever. In addition, sophisticated users have a range of configuration options at their disposal. Magic Backup is available for both Windows XP and Windows Vista operating systems.

For more information or to download and try Magic Backup free for 15 days, visit

About Avocent
Avocent delivers IT operations management solutions that reduce operating costs, simplify management and increase the availability of critical IT environments 24/7 via integrated, centralized software. Additional information is available at

About Magic Softworks, Inc.
Magic Softworks, Inc. is a privately held company dedicated to providing the premier lineup of online backup products and services to enterprise, medium and small business and consumers. Magic Softworks partners with VARs, ISPs and Information Service Providers to bundle the online Magic Backup service, along with the partner’s value added sales and service offerings. Magic Backup comes with a robust set of unique features including easy installation, zero configuration, simple restore, file versioning, deleted file protection and easy access to backed-up files from any Web browser. Magic Backup also features an advanced throttling technology which allows it to perform continuous automatic backup without interfering with the normal use of the computer. To contact Magic Softworks, please visit

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