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LiveVault (Iron Mountain Digital)

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Iron Mountain Digital is one of the world's largest providers of data backup/recovery and archiving software as a service. LiveVault, an Iron Mountain Digital solution, provides online backup and recovery for small and mid-sized businesses and enterprises with remote offices.

Thousands of customers representing financial services, insurance, legal and other major industries depend on LiveVault disk-to-disk backup and recovery solutions for 24x7 data protection. In December of 2005, Iron Mountain Incorporated (NYSE: IRM) officially acquired the Marlborough, Mass.-based LiveVault Corporation.

LiveVault server backup and recovery solution
To continuously back up servers, Iron Mountain’s LiveVault server backup and recovery solution uses the Internet or Wide Area Network and disk technologies. The data is then stored either off-site at secure Iron Mountain facilities or at your data center where it can be retrieved and restored with a few mouse clicks. Supported platforms include Linux™, Sun® Solaris®and Microsoft® server platforms. An optional appliance is also available for rapid recoveries of current data and recent history.

LiveVault data backup and recovery for remote offices of large enterprises and small & medium-sized businesses
Through proven disk and online technologies, LiveVault simplifies the protection of your company's servers, including file, database, application and Exchange servers. This solution virtually eliminates the risks and burdens of traditional backup methods.

Data Center: Secure off-site data storage is provided in one of Iron Mountain's secure underground facilities. A fully managed service, your data backups are monitored 24x7x365 through their Service Operations Center and stored at one of the most secure commercially available data centers in the world.

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