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LiveBackup Adds World-leading Online Backup for Australian Businesses

Cliff Boodoosingh on April 07, 2010
LiveBackup brings world-leading online backup to Australian businesses

Surfers Paradise, Queensland: LiveBackup, the pioneer of managed data backup and restoration in Australia, announced the commercial launch of its automated, online data backup service.

Designed specifically for the needs of Australian businesses, LiveBackup is the first in the country to provide a comprehensive and local answer to antiquated tape backup technologies.

New online service signals the end for tape drives

Data is at the core of every business, yet is vulnerable to theft, loss and corruption; and servers are susceptible to damage in the occurrence of a site disaster. Loss of access to data can be crippling to a company's operations and a costly mishap to rectify.

Whilst backup to tape procedures has been the basis of server backup for the last twenty years, it is increasingly becoming an outdated and unsatisfactory method even for small companies.

“Tape drives are notoriously unreliable, the manual backup process is open to human error and the restoration process is slow, stressful and far from fail-proof,” says Peter Thompson, LiveBackup’s Managing Director.

Competitive cost model

Advanced software and increased bandwidth have made online backup a superior solution for modern companies. LiveBackup’s automated online backup service offers businesses significant cost and time savings and improves the reliability of their data protection.

“For too long, companies have struggled to manage expensive and unreliable tape drives and media,” says Thompson.

“LiveBackup is a fully managed backup service that is comparatively priced to a tape backup system, minus the hassle and uncertainty. Companies benefit from zero-effort backup and fast, stress-free recovery, with a predictable pay-as-you-go model.”

LiveBackup is effectively storage-as-a-service that uses agent-less technology to support the most common operating systems and databases.

Fully automated, secure backup and restoration

LiveBackup is continuously in operation and works according to company-defined parameters and schedules. The services are monitored in real time by a local team of specialists who expertly manage the backed up data.

Exact copies of the data are stored in three locations – an onsite vault, which keeps all data safe and easily accessible, and two geographically remote, secure data centres located in Australia. All data transfers and archives are encrypted for ensured security.

In the event of loss or corruption, data can be retrieved instantly from the onsite vault, with little or no disruption to the business. In the event of a site disaster, data can be retrieved in its original state from either of the two secure remote locations, usually online, within minutes.


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